Growing marijuana, indoor grow


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Growing marijuana, indoor growvia YouTube Capture.

4 comments on “Growing marijuana, indoor grow

  1. eyecanbefound on

    What’s your light setup, watts and lumens? Are you using bytes? It could be combination of heat from before and nutrient burn? It looks over watered because the leaves are sagging. How old is the plant?

  2. eyecanbefound on

    Hey bro, I would recommend you build a ventilation system. Make a hole at the top for exhaust( mount a Small fan there, the fan should be facing so that the air is blowing outside the box. Make a hole at the bottom of box also for the intake, you don’t really need a fan for this hole(passive intake) because the air brings itself in from the outside. Yes the leaves are probably Brown Because because the heat and light drying leaves. I have a question for you, is that box outside your house?

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