Growing Marijuana Flowering Cannabis Plant


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Growing Marijuana Flowering Cannabis PlantGrowing Y Griega is turning out to be somewhat easy. The cannabis plant has just entered marijuana flowering and I’m really excited to see the results. Vist my website

3 comments on “Growing Marijuana Flowering Cannabis Plant

  1. Tempest threeseventeen on

    i have a few strains in veg atm, just made sure they were females an got some clones, but one of them seems very special… from medical seeds its a no name cheese really nice tight growth just everything you want so far. gonna start makin vids for the strains, it is really good to be able to see what you should expect from them. cheers matt, chronic is def on my list for next batch of seeds think the Y Griega will be aswell.

  2. BurnsDaKindsmoke23 on

    Excellent! Everything is looking good. I love the spanish seedbanks… especially Delicious Seeds!

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