Growing Marijuana 4 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diese, Casey Jones, CFL grow

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Growing Marijuana 4 weeks into Flower OG Kush, Sour Diese, Casey Jones, CFL growMy plants are about 4 to 4 1/2 weeks into flower, But i have some BIG PROBLEMS!! I NEED SOME HELP FROM ANYONE HOW KNOWS WHATS WRONG WITH MY PLANTS! OTHER THAN THAT MY PLANTS ARE GROWING GREAT! Ill be transplanting ALL MY PLANTS TONIGHT! I would appericate it if someones tells me whats wrong?? THANKS FOR WATCHING, LEAVE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS! KEEP GROWING KEEP BLAZING

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  1. SSLICKK1 on


  2. Doncharles619 on

    Transplant it has to get use to the new pot n soil also u have to ph test ur water before feeding realy important also flys is very bad I had a friend with a dwc setup that flys grew from the pot very bad

  3. noml12 on

    i hate to see a good crop go bad. sorry cant help with soil but i can with hydroponics (hydro is the way to go)

  4. kidspee3 on

    when u us the new drite water only for 2 week then one day u us water then 2 days later water with nutes u need that new soil cuz it has lost of nutes

  5. BigDaddyLongSausage on

    happy frogs good stuff but the ocean forest has more organic material in it specifically for marijuana consumption. Im not sure what all is in happy frog but the ocean forest has bone meal, earth worm castings, bat guano, sea kelp, ph buffers and more…..i did a whole experiment grow using that soil and water my plants with nothing but tap water, no nutes and not to mention i started 12/12 str8 from seed i had the best tasting bud ive ever smoked..and each plant yielded an ounce and a little

  6. Rapnzapper on

    No worries, dude……you’ll get a harvest….next grow go dwc & not take so much of a chance of hate’n life….

  7. Funnyguyxavier on

    The leaves caught bacteria and you have something called white flys wich sick out the plants food


    1. Calmag is a must for any og strain.
    2.get sum good soil fox farm ocean forest/roots organics soil
    3.let the soil dry out get crusty before re watering

  9. dylan12149 on

    its a fungus in the soil u need to flush the soil as much as possible and then add some malaise to feed the beneficial bacteria.

  10. SSLICKK1 on

    @BigDaddyLongSausage thanks man,i bought Happy Fog organic soil, everythings already looking way better!! check it out i made a new video!, thanks for the info bro, and ill definitly look into that,peace

  11. BigDaddyLongSausage on

    that soil is garbage man ur ph is definitley probably off causing nutrient lock….they simply cant feed get u some fox farm ocean forest it has ph buffers in it already so u dont even have to test the ph or adjust it especially with the nutes you have…look at the label on them theyre made by foxfarm which goes great with the ocean forest soil. They’ll be fine tho trust me….never buy anything from lowes tho for future reference….happy growing and good luck!

  12. Doncharles619 on

    But ph test ur water before u feed check undernethe the leaf for spider mites also test ur soil temp n stuff also make sure not to stress it too much

  13. herbprophet on

    that NPK should be fine. But for the OG you’ll need a cal mag additive or epsom salts which are a time release calmag.


    Og’s in general likes low ppm’s keep it under 1000 ppm on og’s! og’s are nute sensitive keep that in mind as well hope it helps you Laters

  15. mrsmithcolin175 on

    dont transplant during flower…you wanna transplant the last time about 1 week before you start 12/12. if you transplant during flower you risk shocking the plants, therefore fucking with your yeild

  16. Tucsongrower on

    I had to throw my girls away because the nats from the soil kill my roots my video just tell you what happen i try to treat the bug but end up killing them. I dont know how to fix it. Once your roots rot thats it.

  17. SSLICKK1 on

    @herbprophet I have Osmosis water,thanks for the information, and i just bought some “Age Old Bloom” the NPK is 5-10-5, its Age Old ORGANIC, do u think this will be ok?? THANKS FOR HELPING!!!!!

  18. DARKVADE420 on

    The flys are fungus gnats and they are growing fungus aka mold on your plant they can be killed with neem oil once every 15 days its safe to use it on budding plants you can also pack 4 inches of sand on the top of the soil to prevent them from laying eggs on the surrface and then start watering from the bottom.

  19. McBudski on

    I got that shit SSLICKK1 last grow it is calcium lockout because you probably mixed in your silica after your bases and that looks milky in water when you add that is nutrients getting binded with the silica and causes those rust spots on your leaves

  20. mossman2012 on

    man im haveing the same problem but i have 12 plants there all 2weeks an 5 days old
    and two of them has done the same thing as yours but im onley useing water and its not
    the ph so do u think it could be the soil becouse its pritty cheap soil
    plz help thanks from the uk

  21. Doncharles619 on

    Alrite from a cfl grower first it can b ur soil some plants is so use to one type of soil when u

  22. MrMikeysteez on

    I had this problem about a year it nearly ruined my plant but yes I expiremented and yes it is the soil good choice transplanting to a nice organic soil good luck on that bud

  23. SSLICKK1 on

    @ipawdmaster THANKS BRO, I WAS GETTING WORRIED REALLY WORRIED!! lets see what happens, peace, keep growing keep blazing

  24. MrJokaswild on

    the color of the stems and some of some of the leaves look like a salt build up flush and start a light fertilizer cycle

  25. Tucsongrower on

    I had the same problem its your soil that could be early stage of root rot check out my videos i got the same cheat soil too

  26. BigDaddyLongSausage on

    also when mixing your nutrients in water there is a certain method to do so and a certain order your N, P, and K are added to your gallon or so of water. For example i use holland secrets baseline of Nitrogen, Micro and Bloom.

  27. SWORDMASTER4567 on

    when i saw it at first i thot it was from a lital bug that i had problems with but i thick that guy is right its some kind of defishansy in them so i sugest u water them dayly and get some good organic fertilizer 😉

  28. conman41008 on

    I was going to say all around under nutrients and bad soil it does sound like that is a lock up and maybe make sure ur ph is slighty acidic

  29. SSLICKK1 on

    @Rapnzapper i was thinking about DWC but i hear its harder and way things go wrong things really mess up, but im going to try one plant and see how i like it, thanks man, peace,

  30. maulzor on

    @SSLICKK1 the grow community is awesome for help, i only done a few grows, but there are some super green thumbs around youtube.

  31. mrsmithcolin175 on

    also…go to a real hydro store.. not lowe’s. they will have some good growing happy frog or ocean grow..from fox farms.

  32. greendragon316 on

    calmag brotha… u use R.O. water u have to add calmag to it or u get that shit… man go to the hydro store and gett some roots organic here in california it is only 10 bucks a bag

  33. Doncharles619 on

    Dude u said u havent feed it nutes n a while well dats the problem u mite stress it to much cuz its not watered correctly its thirsty of course 3 days is too long to not feed it nutes

  34. BigDaddyLongSausage on

    also When mixing my nutes I have to mix Micro first, then grow and then bloom. it says to do so on the label or otherwise the nutes can lock each other out. Also you need to give the nutes adequate time to mix with the water and each other and make sure your watering enough to get runoff so u wash away salt build up..

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