Growing Marijuana 10 weeks into Flower CFL grow

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Growing Marijuana 10 weeks into Flower CFL growMy Sour Diesel is now 10 weeks into flower, and ill be harvesting it in a couple days, My Mr Nice Guy is about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks into flower, I just put my New OG KUSH plant into flower, Its starting to show signs of flowering, Im running about 214 real watts, its equalivent to about 850 watts, and around 14000 LUMENS, leave any comments or questions, thanks for watching, subscribe!

9 comments on “Growing Marijuana 10 weeks into Flower CFL grow

  1. number1grower on

    dam man lookin good. about the purple stems on the fan leaves, im not sure why there purple but what i heard is that they can still carry male pollonation or w/e idk what its called, but what i heard is that fan leaves left from the veg stage can herm your plants. idk if its true or not

  2. SSLICKK1 on

    @number1grower thanks, Ive never heard that fan leafs carry Male pollon?!? i have only had 1 plant hermi and it was because my box was not light proof, peace

  3. SSLICKK1 on

    @dkbcps990 10 weeks took forever! and HELL YEAH that OG Kush is some FIRE!! it TASTE LIKE LEMONS n Oranges, its still a little damp,

  4. DankZK on

    oh wait i forgot to mention
    the REAL Sour Diesel is mainly Sativa
    so that means they take a little longer to flower
    maybe 1 or 2 more weeks than Indica plants
    …i think you will be fine just have to be patient 🙂

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