Grow Room Newbie Episode One


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Grow Room Newbie Episode OneThis is one old dude’s video diary covering the setup and grow of my first ever personal grow. I’ve been looking for a decent sativa for ages, and so I thought that, despite being an old grandfather, that its never too late to have a go and try something new. I’m opposed to prohibition of marijuana, and believe that its a waste of taxpayer’s money. I believe marijuana should be licensed and regulated and even taxed -just like booze. Bring it into the light. Lastly, I have no idea on getting a gr

2 comments on “Grow Room Newbie Episode One

  1. thoughtgrenades on

    One of the best indoor grows I’ve seen. Great work. Where’d you get the buckets from?
    I wish you were in Brissy, we’d meet up.

  2. Charles Australis on

    Hi TG. Bought the buckets online. I think they came from Europe – about $8 to buy, and $15 to ship. Really solid and well made. Search for Deep Water Culture or IWC Bubblers. I used big 10 inch airstone disks with about 2.5 litres of air per stone per minute. I read that lots of air is the key to nutrient uptake and good roots. Looking forward to harvest in January!

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