greenhouse marijuana growing


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greenhouse marijuana growing get this greenhouse on sale at today

6 comments on “greenhouse marijuana growing

  1. coal4life on

    Wish I knew about your site before I bought my greenhouse. It’s 6’x8’x7′. Very good quality for $200.00. The wind here is a real mutha at times and it is tied down with long stakes with chains and turnbuckles. Just veggies in there though. If ya still have them next spring I think I’ll get one of yours too.

  2. AdrenalineDye on

    you should see if its legal to shoot the bastards if you catch them that way they wont try it again


    @AdrenalineDye if you read, it was part of a april fools joke video i did…was not really ripped off. LOL, and not legal to shoot crop rippers…and that sucks if you ask me

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