Fresh Start… Update #2


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Fresh Start... Update #2I give a basic explanation of the exhaust. More details will come as the build comes together. And I give a basic explanation on the advanced air exchange techniques I like to use. With this type of air exchange, the sleeping plants will provide extra co2 for the awake plants. This is my 3rd time in 2 years building this type of room. It helps to provide balance in the grow area. Thanks for subscribing. I hope you growers can use some of this info.

19 comments on “Fresh Start… Update #2

  1. hoagie303 on

    progression…..gotta love it. i’m sure it will be a great feeling the first time you fire up your lights and realize all your plans and hard work finally are paying off. enjoy it bro!

  2. indoorharvestgardens on

    thats badass using your lamps heat in the other room to fix the temp swing problem night/day. might have to rig that one up as well. love the pillow case filter bro, lol ;)-

  3. blazinsoundzz on

    very good explainatation love all this brother vids is the best i will have to say he better explains things than that dude selfish dud limbo, mapito keep it up man we love you and your work

  4. Curly Green on

    This is a real nice way to run 2 tents 🙂 Im not as gifted a carpenter as you but you certainly keep it simple enough to replicate. Thanks for the run down of your thought process.

  5. ArizonaMMJ on

    Interesting. The more i grow the more i tend to lean towards just sealing it up and removing all the ducting. Then just cooling the existing air. That being said im always up for new shit!

    Are you growing in Mapito?

  6. mapito grow on

    The way the holes are in the ducting , the air will blow on the plants. The passive air “in” will help to complete the circulation air exchange. This will come from below the flood table. This I will show when the build is further and I install the vents for the passive air “in”.

  7. mapito grow on

    LIMBO is a good guy. Please don’t say negative things about others on my channel. Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Ron Biggs on

    Nice idea bro, but won’t you have light coming through the ducting into the room when it’s dark? Best check that shit before putting any plants in there.

  9. blazinsoundzz on

    if there plants are using the co2 from each other could you run those ducting below the plants innstead of above the room, because hot air rises and would the cor2 be mix with that hot air

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