Freedom what Freedom ?


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Freedom what Freedom ?The neocons wave their red, white, and blue Masonic dishrags and babble about all this “freedom” we’ve got. Bullshit. What freedom? The freedom to not be admitted to college because you got a felony for growing some plants in your basement and are denied a scholarship? The freedom to spend years in prison with rapists and murderers for growing and selling a flower? What freedom? The freedom to pay one third of your income to support stupid wars in the Middle East so war profiteers can make an ex

24 comments on “Freedom what Freedom ?

  1. jaypie8 on

    Puffing on quality herbs your crazy….they just don’t have to sell them so we never here about it….this country is crazy I was born and bred here for 37yrs…Im not proud to be an american …YOU PEOPLE FUCKED THIS PLACE UP I WAS BORN INTO YOU FUCKS……

  2. growing24marijuana on

    great video i agree and its bullshit america makes wars and laws and demand the world to follow americas a good country but a shit government

  3. sloturle on

    think of it this way.. freedom to be equal.. government doesn’t just bust everyone.. they go for the hierarchy.. when they see people living more free as other people then that is wrong.. there is no equality in that.. men are all created equal… there is no one man higher than man itself.

  4. jaypie8 on

    Fuck I miss that garden ……I was so impressed when I first laid eyes on it….the creativity is just amazing Joe….Great fuckin vision,that mind don’t need to be imprisoned it needs to set free to create …..Joe I have the same kind of mind and I know that there are plenty of us out there…were just suppressed by the greed of people that came before us ….they want us to slave to them or be thrown in prison…and if you don’t think these fuckin law makers arnt sniffing coke and Meth and

  5. JoDertBagger on

    @DrGoodGrow I agree its crazy the feds can bust state legal growers. but they can apparently. such bullshit. we will win in the end we just have to keep fighting for freedom.

  6. ktrain420247 on

    Although I may agree with you on many points, america is the best country to live in, and my motto is love it or leave it. I have been overseas for our country and have seen what it could be like, fort floors, unsanitary living conditions because their well water is no good. And there is no infrastructure. I assume what america was like in the 1800’s. Do hang in there, jail sucks, but it is not the end if the world. The laws are wrong, but it is up to us to change them,

  7. SirSly420 on

    Everyone should create and upload a video demanding weed to legalized recreationally … Sublbc is completely right legalize for the people to choose FUCK big Pharma I don’t want weed prescribed to me I want to grow it !!!!

  8. motorhash on

    Obama is launching wars….and telling congress he doesn’t need approval for that……hes doing shit against the law.

  9. rootydreads on

    thats why the government calls it free doom because we are the people that made this country what it is as puppets in a world that teaches are kids bullshit in school to think that they have a chance in this life to be free but put there money into a false lye of a war on drugs and not to in are school were the teaches should be the millionairs instead of dumb fucks like the jeresy shore that shows us just how dumb we are to let are kids watch such bullshit and use sex as a sport lets fight that

  10. motorhash on

    Dude The government are the real criminals …………….PLEASE READ THE declaration of independence constitution bill of rights
    You will see that OBAMA IS THE CRIMINAL………….illegal wars, illegal arrests, illegal home invasions….creating laws that fuck the little and poor people… equal rights at all.

  11. JoDertBagger on

    @motorhash you can get a prescription for heroin or meth though big pharmaceutical companies but if you want to smoke a harmless plant and have a prescription you might go to jail for it.

  12. jaypie8 on

    Joe I went to federal prison at 22…..we made hummer parts we made computer chips ect…..its another way of slave labor for 40 t0 100 bucks a month…..

  13. DrGoodGrow on

    Great Speech Man!!! Big Thumbs Up!!! Why doesn’t the State catch the charges??? If the state gives you a license to kill and then you murder somebody, Wouldn’t the state be held liable?? So if they give a license to grow they should Catch The Charges!!!

  14. jaypie8 on

    And if you think your gonna get any of my family or futur family in your Army your crazy my family is being taught not to fight for anybody …unless you offer our families not wife and kids our whole families owner ship of U.S land and don’t imprison any one in our family for anything except murder rape child molestation and arson…..

  15. motorhash on

    freedom of letting the government sell heroin to America.
    more than 90% of heroin production is in Afghanistan, American Army is taking control of all the poppy fields. Why has Heroin users have increased 33 % in US ?!
    It time for us to join this war………….We don’t need any momo liar to tell us what to do !
    Lets fucking stop the government…..we don’t want any one telling us what to do !
    Get the fuck out of the WHITE HOUSE.
    All you guys are doing in the white house is wasting our money

  16. Fender337 on

    i love you,
    please continue to be a true American
    we all need to be right now

    <3 Mr Medicated

  17. tytetee on

    @motorhash There has not been a real president since 1929… And any to stand against the grand puppeteer was murdered… If you want to find the families that own you follow the money… Birth certificates, drivers license… You may have been born free but as soon as your parent signs your birth certificate you are enslaved until 18 and your parents have given up all free rights to you hence how they can seize your children… It’s all contract law… But we don’t learn that in school…

  18. motorhash on

    What kills the most WEED OR WEED PROHIBITION !

    WE are not the true criminals ………… we are being used .


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