First time growing marijuana (legal)


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First time growing marijuana (legal)Well this is my first grow got three plants currently under a 150w hps, in fox farm soil, with two drops of biothrive and calmag in a two gallon jug. I feed them nutes every other day. Please any comm

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  1. FridgeBash on

    Hey,Im a first time grower here too, but my advice is, feed them less, they dont require much food and its a waste, also you are in the first stage, how much light do you give them?
    -Trying to help

  2. Kev420Martin on

    Well I was using three 75w cfls but the people at my hydroponic store told me this 150w hps would work perfect so that’s where I’m at now on a 18/6 schedule. And I think your right I should slow down the feeding. Thanks for the comment and advice!!!

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