Day 21 flower medical cannabis grow


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Day 21 flower medical cannabis growDay 21 flower. The plants still get only bloom nutes and supervit. No other additives yet.

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  1. M Ce on

    Sweet thanks again for sharing that,was thinking you meant 0 to a couple weeks or something. That’s an interesting experiment for me to try, i generally veg for a month to 2 months depending on traffic into the flower room 😉 guess maybe why i never thought of this. Will Test next run with ones that don’t fit in flower room and have to wait a little longer as hate to cull perfect plants anyway and will be fun experiment. Thanks bro keep it up! Do you do any outdoor?

  2. The559reviewer on

    Visible light is shielded but i I remember correctly light passes through leaves or rather spectrum but I got a brain fart right now so don’t take my word on it

  3. mapito grow on

    Yield comes from the amount of light on the table and genetics, rather than the nutes. Most times I can get 450g from 1x 600 hps. That is close to120g per plant on the 3×6 flood table. At 12-14 plants on the 3×6 flood table.

  4. M Ce on

    Interesting, haven’t heard that before, i can’t seem to find any references to back that up except people in forums, I assume you learned this from experimentation or through some sort of reference online or in a book… do you know of any online as am always open to learning… Also what is the longest veg time before plant starts to to lose it’s green power? Thanks for sharing

  5. mapito grow on

    I learned this by looking at the plants and smoking the meds.
    Plants from cutting with less than 45 days veg will have better quality of buds then a longer vegged plant
    This is what i have found.
    young plants that are flowered are better IMO. than older plants
    You can take 2 years and test it and see

  6. mapito grow on

    The best quality of buds comes from younger plants.
    I prefer the best quality of buds.
    When plants are vegged for long time they lose their green power.

  7. M Ce on

    Sorry missed your reply some how, makes sense, should be about a pound per 600. You’re one of the first americans(especially in Cali) i have seen who realises 6’s have much better efficiency. Are you normally in a hurry to harvest, is that why you prefer numbers over vegging your plants out more with fewer numbers or do you just like as much variety as possible?

  8. bushwackers37 on

    I think it really cool that you take the time to Explain and try to make a good video for people to pick up on your knowledge… my friend thought it was weird when I always tie down my big water leaves back or try to push them under the canopy it’s nice to see other people implying tactics like that….keeps up th good work…

  9. M Ce on

    Oh ok awesome thought as much should have checked your previous videos. Looks good man, what are you getting per light with the hesi?

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