CVault – The World’s Smartest Cannabis Curing And Storage Container


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CVault - The World's Smartest Cannabis Curing And Storage Container – News May 23, 2013 A revolution in cannabis curing and storage has arrived. Whether you’re a grower or a just a smoker, your weed will t…

49 comments on “CVault – The World’s Smartest Cannabis Curing And Storage Container

  1. MrKillAllTheLawyers on

    This channel uploads ads?

     These devices are not ok for curing. I have seen these turn beautiful herb into a moldy mess. For storing only. These containers aren’t necessary at all if you just want to use the Boveda 62% packs. Just put them in your airtight container after burping. They do kill some smell though.

  2. nugporn on

    Check out the in depth video by WeedMaps expert grower Steve Tuck located in the description. Peace! – Ian

  3. George Washington on

    wow we’ve gotten to the stage of gimmicky marijuana devices and accessories…consumerism at its worst…

  4. A1SunDrop92 on

    DEBUNKED BY MAX MALONE London Soldier Killing Hoax Plus Sandy Hoax News /watch?v=jDd9cwqoni8

  5. Vforceboy on

    cvaults arnt expensive and are probably worth the money. iv known about humidipacks for a while and its a good concept.

  6. modestgrower on

    coralreefer420 has been showcasing this product and Humidipaks for at least a year!

  7. lilkujo on

    If you want to know how it works watch the Steve Tuck video they have a link to in the end (one on the left) and you’ll see why it makes a difference compared to regular storage containers.

  8. ManwaMasterPlan on

    I dont know if I want to be smoking anything that has been chillin next to some humidapack

  9. DarkHeart135 on

    Thank goodness there’s no thinking required for this item. These glass jars that I’ve been using demand full focus and concentration.

  10. fullmeltdabber on

    ok this is like the tenth review of this product i have seen, still not buying it.

  11. typerk on

    I use boveda 62% packs in a mason jar. Not sure why you need this if the boveda packs is what is actually doing all the work keeping the weed cured

  12. Daniel Park on

    canedle jars works perfectly finee!! dont need to spend 51250189 dollar on a cool looking container

  13. EL'GATO NEGRO on

    the Boveda Humidipak is what doing all the work no need for that fancy pressure cooker get your self a mason jar trow in a humidipak put it somewhere dark the next day your bud is looking and smelling awesome

  14. el0heem on

    I like the background music. Also, I’m glad you took the liberty of removing all thinking that was necessary, as I will continue being high as balls.

  15. bombgroove80 on

    I love these, but DO NOT use the humidipack or it will kill the smell of your herb. Dank ass weed comes out smelling like nothing.

  16. Happy2bhear on

    I have 4 Mega Vault’s and a Large C-Vault. It is the best cannabis related product in the last few years. I love mine!


    Check our channel out guys & gals for more smoke out sessions and groovy times.


  18. Jd Cunningham on

    i got one a few months back i love it, its just a fancy jar tho,, thos humidipaks are so awesome

  19. Joanchovyy on

    this is old news. we’ve carried this kind of product for the past couple years. 

  20. akatsukijonny on

    Great device, I just got a small one and it fits around a quad to half easily, so I made dividers and have multiple stains in at once. As for what works to keeping fresh, the pack does the work but the case is an air tight with no light penetration and it will turn your new overly fresh or older or even over dried old stash and make it brand new fresh again. However if you already have mason jars and a place to store them, just get the humidifier packs, but if looking for a storage unit get this

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