Common Grow Room Mistakes – The Weed Scene


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Common Grow Room Mistakes - The Weed – What not to do or have in your indoor marijuana grow room. Like us @ for more mmj tips and videos.

9 comments on “Common Grow Room Mistakes – The Weed Scene

  1. GrowHouseBuilders on

    @vanhalenman60 – just in case someone wants to try! who needs an alarm system when i got 3 monster sized dogs and a house full of straps. lol.. and i live in a state where u can destroy someone for breaking in your home. ;))


    @GrowHouseBuilders hell yeah bro…the law in the U.K is fucked up,your the criminal when your protecting your castle!!!

  3. GrowHouseBuilders on

    @fifi0204 – always use air filters to clean the air and exhaust. this is a must, legal or illegal.. always keeps the smell down which keeps crooks from smelling it out and trying to break into it.. most importantly, keeping the air fresh and clean is important to plant growth

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