cannabis EcoSystem hydroponics Vertical Grow Guide .


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cannabis EcoSystem hydroponics Vertical Grow Guide . Butler’s Archived hydroponics vertical grow from HG420 February 2006 The EcoSystem is a purpose built vertical growing chamber It retails in the UK for around GBP 2200. • Plastic Injection moulded growing structure with two access doors ensuring easy plant maintenance • Suitable for 2 x 400/600W lights (I chose 2 x 600s but I’ve heard reports that the system works better with 400s !!) • Optimum lighting of plants thanks to an air cooled tube aligned vertically through

47 comments on “cannabis EcoSystem hydroponics Vertical Grow Guide .

  1. fatwadmcskylar on

    yu could build this for yourself easy. Just get a big sturdy box. Line it with bags, you could probably use soil for it too, just make sure it stays clean. Get an aquarium pump and some pvc to bring water to the top of each bag.Those vertical cool tubes, thats the most expensive part. Make your computer fan ventilation system like any ohter cheap grow box. viola the future of growing is yours

  2. navarrothomas on

    i like that system! i have one similar set up an this is my first time so i was wondering how you use your drip system an how many times a day you have it go off??? i doing 5 cuts for each rockwool slab…

  3. vexer97 on

    Hi could you help me out.. i have one of these ecosystems and i have no idea what I’m doing.. is there anyway you can tell me your feeding scedual like how many times a day and how long the drip was left for.. also what you keep ur EC meter at and what food you use.. can i have info for both vegging and flowering plz

  4. kushkrazy1 on

    i have 1 of these but these guys are not using it to its fullest potential, there should be atleast 8-10 clones per slab working out at 180-200 cuts per run, pulling in 2gpw easily, can’t wait to get her up and running

  5. royceunion7 on

    so where do you sell your buds to, like down the california road or like iowa cuz i would like to know where my bud originally comes from, that would be sweet if it was from you

  6. Martin Giles on

    I don’t no wat them guys had in it I bought one back 2008 when they hit uk my mate outa the (belfast indoor gardening) (The Big Shop) I put 100 in mine 89 0z I was we’ll gutted I was told they hit up to 4k I spent £2225. On system it was a rip off the Eco system 2 from ikon in England is a better and more designed system and no I didn’t buy it lol I got the 48 pot multi flow

  7. navarrothomas on

    How did you grow it? Did you do a straigh 12/12 from clone? How did you keep the plants so small with big buds an lot of it? you start everything a week early or?

  8. MegaOGKing on

    Toss em on yer vegtable garden or lawn. Better not to flush as it just makes water treatment reservoirs get algae. Pricey but if you can’t diy then …

  9. Chiptsaorocks on

    Whatever happened to Butler?He was a british grower,last I remember reading he was going off to india.

  10. secretspy1 on

    hey when im changing ppm of my plant like when its getting bigger… what do i do with the nutritnes still in the resavoir?

  11. Higzy Teflon on

    Don’t bother asking questions, guys. The uploader of this video is unwilling to respond. Obviously.

  12. Kalani Hambrite on

    How did you grow it? Did you do a straigh 12/12 from clone? How did you keep the plants so small is what Im wondering? Please reply I am thinking of buying one. And your insite is what Im basing my decision on thanks!

  13. rs200000000000 on

    not very stealth really, you can get stealth grow setups that look like a chest of draws lol, or a wardrobe ect, hydro grow have the lot, even kitted shipping containers

  14. remsat10 on

    So say you want to put the reservoir in an attic but it doesn’t fit, what are my options? Cut the reservoir in half and glue it? Cut the opening to my attic bigger?

  15. Lollocide on

    Maybe they’re just being safe, EcoSystem themselves recommend going with smaller numbers of plants, then slowly increasing them every…*ehem* ‘Harvest’ as your individual skill in setup/application increases.
    I wouldn’t negatively comment, he/she’ll prolly get better as time progresses :p

  16. PeopleEqualShlt on

    you can feed the plants a chemical in week 1-2 of flowering that basically stunts the growth where it is and forces the plant to grow a huge chunk cola 2 products i can name that do it are Dr.Nodes  and Bush Master

  17. nickolas87100 on

    how many ounces did u get per plant im thinking in getting one off these im going to grow kingkong dr under ground seed bank, what stain did u grow. do the plants grow short then than thy would in a tent is it worth investing in ?????

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