cali connection DAY 30

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cali connection DAY 30OMMP- MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM DIV8 hello, i think ill be going back to posting vids with music only and putting my thaughts and ideas about growing here in the info section. Its been 30 days since i planted the seeds and everything is going great ­čÖé The plants should start showing there sex in the next week and i will be pulling a good portion of these ”males”. im going to keep 24 for my self and give the rest to a fellow ommp member who is coming to pick them up in the next couple days ….

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  1. IIMMG on

    song reminds me of highschool….one of my favorites and is so true
    your garden is kicking ass!!! one thing i noticed with´╗┐ cali connectons is they took longer to preflower than anyother strains ive done idk why, but they got some FIRE!!!

  2. stableboy420 on

    Hey there, I have´╗┐ a suggestion. You can take a cutting from any plant, put it in a glass of water under 12/12 or even better 13 /11 and it will show its sex. This way you won’t have to wait as long, although it does cost you a branch, that shit grows back in no time. Let me know what you think.

  3. kangol9177 on

    “Ginormous” from humbolt nutrients is organic/ Im also on the iguana line up …. I used to use big bud and overdrive for the p.k. booster but recently switched to “ginormous” from humbolt nutrients. to´╗┐ stay organic. So far its working great, I almost think its working better than the big bud and overdrive.

  4. thebushdocter100 on

    There a decent size for day 30 bro.. Hopefully be a few decent Phenos In there´╗┐ for you to choose from… Never talk on any videos, well it’s illegal and am always to cheffed :)” and it gives cunts less to bitch about.. Know how bitches like to twist words.. What’s the name off the tune bro.. Keep it green man peace

  5. MrCannatonic on

    nice´╗┐ lookin illbe checkinto see how the purple diesel turns out my sour diesels are a bout done next week or so so far looks great bro….

  6. Bornto420 on

    Hey Now KoMA, with all do respect I would like to share my findings this pass seed germination. You may want to try this on just a couple. From seed, I count 7 (Lucky 7) fans leaves of growth after the round´╗┐ ones open and once the eight one develops enough I top it leaving 7. In two days she will be mature producing alternating nodes both above AND below where you topped it. I a week you can sex the plant. I went 20 for 20 and 15 females. The topping triggered the mature growth @ 7..PEACE


    what do you look for in the keepers at the young´╗┐ stage? thick and bushy from the rip,fast growers etc..? peace

  8. hossbassius on

    My bad since description on the og on the attitude site said genetics of ’91 i didnt see the purple d or nuthin.. i dont have live in a med state so i dont have access to full selection.. wasnt hatin.. love your vids bro keep it up.. love´╗┐ from the south!

  9. NWGreenThumb on

    hey man,´╗┐ thanks for the heads up… i’m going to hit up MD and see whats good with cannaman

  10. sdub420matt on

    Hey koma love´╗┐ your grows keep up the pro level gardening hommie
    Fuck 13%er Im
    1%er now cheers

  11. IIMMG on

    doing a side by side with a tga jillbean clones and oraganic is kicking the shit out of the chem??????fucking just spent 80´╗┐ bucks on sensi a b hahahah fuck my life!!!!

  12. jordynarz on

    Thanks for doing what u do ! I like that you put your thought in the description ­čÖé I hope one day I’d be able to try your medicine. I first tried this´╗┐ after I was paralyzed in a dirt bike accident. Now being on Ommp its helped me a lot!

  13. TheNeo2121 on

    thanks for the vid Frost Boss…..Its cool to see an update on beautiful OGs like this every week! I just love it!….thanks again for all the wisdom you give us…face time! not your style at all! don’t´╗┐ ever change bother!! they look as healthy as came be!!

  14. ImNmotion23 on

    Looking super nice like always.. your music selection is on point ninja.
    Question: Would it be okay to throw clones under a HPS for the 12´╗┐ hours that my flower room is “ON” then take out and put under T5’s for 12 hours (24 ON veg cycle)? First grow, TGA DQ, peace!

  15. socbutter on

    I take whatever vid you put up. Voice no voice it’s ok. the addition of more info in the description section would be most welcomed. Your girls are looking´╗┐ fine

  16. DirkDaner on

    We don’t need any face time i just love seeing those big healthy plants of yours. Keep´╗┐ up the incredible work bro.

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