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building a legal medical marijuana grow room part 03 - http://www.limbo-co.comNew : Limbo’s Open Grow Forum on This video is make for home growers of cannabis plants to show my way of building and growing. There are a lot of different grow systems, but this is my way to grow. This video is part 03 of a series video that will be upload later. It will show you how easy it is to build your own, good working grow room on the Limbo way. I will show you how to get a good yield on only 5 plants. I try to answer all questions and I hope you will enjoy it More gro

9 comments on “building a legal medical marijuana grow room part 03 –

  1. rghands711 on

    Never cut seedling leaves to promote roots growth but it makes since.. I’d suggest lollypopping bottom 50%, you will notice much harder and more dense and bigger top coli’s.. Just try it on one and see what happens next grow.. Much respect for your grow.. Smoked x Out!

  2. KeeperPeace10 on

    plants spend more time making roots rather than growing, bigger the root bigger the fruits, 
    peace out

  3. AstheCrowflies1000 on

    Limbo, Another great video!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    One question, actually I have many, How often do you water the mapito during the different phases of growth?
    Again thank you.

  4. NWDANK on

    So cutting all the leaves uses less energy than transpiring to allow photosynthesis to occur? I beg to differ…leave all your leafs on unless in a prop dome and allow them to use bottom fan leaf for food than will shoot roots once food source is used…

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