Best Crop to Grow When Guerrilla Gardening & more Organic Garden Q&A


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Best Crop to Grow When Guerrilla Gardening & more Organic Garden Q&AJohn from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John answers the following questions: 1. What are the …

50 comments on “Best Crop to Grow When Guerrilla Gardening & more Organic Garden Q&A

  1. prolifepinay on

    I’m a transcriptionist, John. I’ve helped two authors write their books by transcribing their audio notes for them. Please let me know if I can help you in your book project. I love gardening and would love to read your book! ~ Margie

  2. growingyourgreens on

    I havent done one recently. See my past videos for walk thru’s of summer and winter style gardens. In general, I have similiar plants each year, although every year have a few new varieties.

  3. mariof0808 on

    John, I live in arizona and know of persons growing here exotics fruits. Hit tropica mango on facebook and check what this guy is growing. I would love for you to come and do a video on his yard

  4. cayla jones on

    I’m not exactly skinny either but usually this is by our own choice. Even so, hes just lightly making a joke.

  5. Amy Barnby on

    John, I would like to offer my writing skills for a book for you. If you would like to chat, just let me know. I would be happy to donate some time to compile your wealth of knowledge into a Kindle or other type of book for you. I applaud your dedication to helping your community. Truly awesome. Thank you! ~Amy~

  6. Vincent Alexander on

    Hi John. I’m great at outlining and love to write. I’m also learning about growing and you have been my primary source of info, AND I also build wordpress websites. Perhaps I could be your guy to go through your videos, outline all the content, and then type up the content. If you proof read it for accuracy then It’ll be done. We could put it on Amazon and agree on a % profit share. I can also build a wordpress site and put all that content on it, or just an archive of videos. Let me know.

  7. TheFightaz on

    Hey John i have seen several videos were people test to see if compost tee works. some say it doesn’t. what is your experience with compost tee and your input ?

  8. rolazrei on

    Attempted to watch Back to Eden… too much God, not enough thinking about why it actually works. More or less it’s a ridiculously long video about composting and ground cover with a bunch of random bible thumping propaganda thrown in.

  9. Jonathan Bradshaw on

    Instead of finding someone to help you, have you considered a program called “Dragon Naturally Speaking” or some other dictation software? These kind of programs allow you to speak your thoughts and the software automatically transcribes your speech to printed form.

  10. Enrique Goitia on

    hey john since this is the questions video. i live in spain nd summer here is long and hot so i’m thinking of trying to plant sweet corn but it will be planted in a pot. is it possible? how bog?

  11. ASK Wilde Hilde on

    Carrots can be grown under your tomato’s and are one of the only things I eat in the winter from my garden as they are huge and sweet. store bought are aweful and taste like bland wood compared to home grown ..shame on you 😉 talking bad about growing carrots. Carrots are core a cook also having onions and carrots in the garden means no trip to the store when I make soup. GROW CARROTS!!!!!

  12. CharlysGardenSchoolg on

    Comment on woodchip mulch – be sure to underlay with a good nitrogen layer – the woodchips steal from the nitrogen supply to enable their decomposition process, and your plants can suffer.

  13. AlusaBird2 on

    John just an idea, if you dont want to type your life away you can buy a program called Dragon speek, all you have to do is open a word processor and start talking and it will type things for you and you can edit it as you talk. All you would h ave to do is talk to write a book.

  14. iluvturtles2000 on

    hes not growing weed…..right….dude grow it in your closet like everyone else seems to do lol

  15. gtrwndr87 on

    This season, I just amended with more compost/rabbit manure (we have rabbits). Some call it “lasagna” gardening, I suppose it’s actually just a raised bed without the frame. The cardboard/newsprint will prevent the weeds from popping up (to some degree, you’ll need to handpull a few of the strong ones) and will self compost over the season (or season and a half depending on weather/moisture/etc).

  16. Cheguebuddha on

    If you cover the soil with wood chips or dried grass/hay the moisture will be contained in the soil.

  17. corporatejungles on

    How do you eat when you switch from summer to winter crops? How long of a lag time before your plants are mature enough to start harvesting and what do you do in the interum to survive?

  18. UnitedFarmersOrg on

    How interesting I just built what I call the UFO autopilot but anyway it’s an underground it’s the subterranean irrigation system that is so funny because yes it is the future I know several people have done it in several different ways and yes they all work it’s perfect for getting compost teas, or use purified water, with rock dust even lime, kelp teas etc. keep up the EXCELLENT VIDEOS AND INFO…

    UFO ♡ U

  19. vegangal53 on

    Thank you so much! I planted greens last weekend in raised beds because of you encouraging e everyone to do so. Thanks for all the great info!!!

  20. Nai Saetern on

    I love your videos! Keep up the great job and yes I’ve watched all of your videos. It’s very helpful! 🙂

  21. Windy Hill on

    John, Forget the book. Put together a dvd or blueray package. We bought the Mel Bartholamew book and dvd’s and watch them frequently thruough the gardening season. His are great but you add so much more information in the YouTubes. Package those up and sell them. On your juicer channel and at the retail stores. I would pay 19.99 for 3 hrs worth. And with 769 videos @ an average of 15 minutes each that would make 64 packages. You just gave me an idea for a business.

  22. Godtaughtmehow on

    Be very careful where you plant milk thistle and stinging nettle. They are very “human unfriendly” when growing although they are very beneficial to consume.

  23. GrowYurOwnFood on

    John You often mention you live in Northern California as do I. I am inspired by your video’s and love when you tour your own home garden and wonder if I can grow similar vegetables in my garden here in Marysville,Ca near Sacramento. Do you Live near or are you further north or south of me.

  24. CharlysGardenSchoolg on

    John has an archive of videos already, here at YouTube – one set is enough, but a written and cloud-searchable resource would be great!

  25. Daniel G. Desiga on

    Hi John, could you do me a favor you walk around your garden and share some plants that you are growing? Curious to see an update on your raised grow beds.

  26. Kathleen Gray on

    I am having problems with insects feasting on my vegetables. How do I safely remove them? While watching a LSDPreppers video on Organic Pest Control for Vegetable Gardens he mentioned the following – Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: Thuricide BT Caterpillar & Worm Control: Triple Action Neem Oil. What is your opinion and what are your suggestions?

  27. gtrwndr87 on

    RE: overgrown garden and gardening NOW. I think you can get acceptable to pretty good results with string trimming the weeds to the soil level, then covering them with a few layers of newspaper or cardboard (the stuff you would compost, not glossy) and topping with compost/amendments/topsoil and installing drip irrigation. I did that at my house in Riverside last year when we first moved in and had gotten a late start in the season and it worked very well. No tilling either!

  28. amw1wilm on

    John, In my little home garden I grow in containers, up off the ground on tables built from scrap lumber. Are food grade 5 gallon buckets bad for my plants? I can get them free from work on occasion.

  29. Victoria Smith on

    John, I am a raw vegan, an organic gardener, and a writer. I sent you an email message a few days ago. Wasn’t sure if you check that very often. It seems to be a little difficult to get to on here! Anyway, love your videos! When you get a chance, please check out my message. Thanks, Victoria

  30. growingyourgreens on

    Yes, you can eat the greens of the carrots. That being said, I would rather eat parsley that grows above the parsley root.  or other greens. That being said, I will plant some carrots to “play’ with the greens. Maybe I can find a variety that has particularly sweet greens 🙂

  31. growingyourgreens on

    in my past videos I explain this. This was a design element to my garden due to my sloping property. I have found that other than growing tubers (sunchokes) or other root crop vegetables, most roots do not go down more then 6-8″ as I mention.

  32. Sj Smith on

    To the subscriber with high pH soil, I’d suspect nematodes.
    No clue it they’re the ‘good’ ones or the ‘bad’ root nematodes.
    9 pH is really insane. I’m in the desert and have had plants stop growing in the summer when soil pH rose to 8. I used manure to drop the pH and saved the plants, but still had less of yields. I have released ‘good’ nematodes and it seems that they ran the ants out of the garden by the following year. That’s what it seemed like anyways.

  33. Joy Grant on

    I never thought of carrots like that. For us everything organic in the store is expensive. It is all transported up here. I love growing enough carrots to last the whole winter. Last year I only got a bowl full so I was not happy! My parents used to grow rows of them that were 30 feet long! I only aspire to get to that amount considering I am feeding 7 people! Slowly but surely I will get there. I have two acres and am slowly filling my yard with beds! I dont even have it as big as yours yet!

  34. Alex Smith on

    John, please contact Alex Smith, radio at re an interview for my syndicated radio program.

  35. growingyourgreens on

    absolutely. I have been using it. I have mentioned it in a few episodes, and will have a dedicated episode on biochar one of these days.

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