Barney Farm LSD Grow Report


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Barney Farm LSD Grow ReportBarney Farm marijuana strain LSD is given a topping in this grow report. Topping a cannabis plant can be important to build more marijuana bud sites. See more on my website

6 comments on “Barney Farm LSD Grow Report

  1. Matt Mernagh on

    yah it could be a different phenotype as it throws off several. see for more details. glad u enjoyed the video

  2. Matt Mernagh on

    ill have more Barney Farm LSD vids soon. you can see more the strain on my site, plus i have some old grow vids of it from the previous grow.

  3. nmolinaro93 on

    Hi Matt, great video! I have a LSD going right now and it doesn’t look like yours. It looks more like a OG Kush with massive leaves and its more short and compact. Could it be a different phenotype than yours? Its around the same age as yours are. Also do you know how much it yields on average in ounces? its under a 400w MH at the moment. Im trying out different strains to see which produces the most bud. Im new to growing so if you have any suggestions of large yielding strains that’d be great

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