Authorized to Cultivate AZ Medical Marijuana Season 1 Finale


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Authorized to Cultivate AZ Medical Marijuana Season 1 FinaleTopic: Gun’s & Grow’s…..Disabled couple document there first attempts growing legal cannabis in Arizona.

10 comments on “Authorized to Cultivate AZ Medical Marijuana Season 1 Finale

  1. Panzerfaust04 on

    Happy belated birthday! I’ve been subbed for a little while, and I just want you to know that this show rocks and you do an excellent job making it. Also, I completely agree with your views on guns. I sit on the left politically, but I am very much in favour of responsible gun ownership and home defence. When you decide to break into a house, you do so with the knowledge that the owner very well may be ready and willing to defend his well-being and property, and that’s that.

  2. LamdenMMX on

    @TeamGRN420 Your right, if someone is gonna break in and not KNOW what there here for…ther really ignorant and your god has just tasked me with removing them from the gene pool..and i will…So if there really that ignorant and would rather play with me than a nice safe bank….So be it…

  3. LamdenMMX on

    @AZMarijuanaGrower Thanks again for the help replacing the roof in the greenhouse, sorry I forgot to mention your help and Moby-Dick… MD is doing fine. I’m happy to hear that the girl i gave you is getting your grow in gear,..if you want an SG or HP cutting now is the time to say so….i will be putting the big one’s into flower soon

  4. LamdenMMX on

    @Panzerfaust04 Thanks, and thanks again :).. i hope to find the time to “up my game” by playing with a better movie maker or learning how to over dub sounds and trax into them, i’m using the basic windows one now..?..anyhow yea most of my family on my Dad’s side have been or are military…My 44 yearold younger brother is still jumping out of planes in Afghanistan “Airborn Ranger” for our rights and freedoms, So yea don”t play if your not ready to loose……Peace out.

  5. AZMarijuanaGrower on

    Happy birthday big D this is my new grow account. It’s the plutocrats that need to be strung up. I got that MATAHARI in my back yard and I took (8) clones off it. Hows my MOBY-DICK doing? So if you need one, it’ll be ready in about (10 – 15) days. I also have some stinky skunk clones I picked up from another guy online. They are called BLACK-DOMINA. I got my numbers down to (10) plants and I have only the clones. I figured out what was wrong with my oldest plant, it needed replanted ~ JAY

  6. TeamGRN420 on

    it may not be worth a gun fight to you, however the ignorant bastard thats low enough to jack someone else’s hard work it is. AND he doesn’t necessarily know that you only have a few plant or several hundred. Thats why, even if what you do is legal, tell NO one and NEVER show anyone who is not directly involved. People talk and things get embellished, remember the game telephone??? I just want everyone to stay safe, NEVER ASSume you are.

  7. LamdenMMX on

    @CULTIVATEAZ23 Thanks for the encouragement & well wish’s…’s been a stony weekend 🙂


    Happy Birthday Brotha
    You And Nana Are 2 Peas In A Pod. The Green House Looks Good. Nice Job
    R.I.P – To your son
    And Congrats On Your First Medical Harvest. Enjoy ! ! !

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