And the Contest Winner is….

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And the Contest Winner is....– And the winner is!!!!:D Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215. Flower strain: Skywalker OG (x4) clones Text Temp

50 comments on “And the Contest Winner is….

  1. oneshotgrow on

    finally a video! 😀 I just uploaded one last night after been gone a week also. Seems like everyone is on a little MIA status right now! Can’t wait to see how the ladies look in the tent.

  2. Grow420Guide on

    I still dont know how I am going about it, I am thinking a couple whips and then vac purge 3 or 4 times idk I still have to refine and look into it a bit more.

  3. 1skatersurfer on

    damn why do I have to be a stoner? I watched ur last video and was gonna comment to be eligible for da give away, cus i just recently broke my bowl piece. well fuck it theres always next time.. keep the give aways coming and always stay irie:D

  4. whatname45 on

    I made a contest entry, but since I have made irl videos on my channel I decided not to upload it. Anyhow I wanted to say I appreciate what your doing for the community, and for the knowledge you’ve given me. Keep up the great work brother and I look forward to the future of our community.

  5. oneshotgrow on

    My plants are looking nice and chunky 🙂 The Peyote Purple is just a resin bomb waiting to explode. Sorry to hear about Papa420Guide 🙁

  6. PuffPuff360 on

    Damn, wish I could have gotten the bong but its ok you still got a like from me… I was hoping to drive and pick it up I don’t live that far from you. But anyways man cheers and can’t wait for a another video, Your friend PuffPuff360

  7. Grow420Guide on

    Great stuff take a little knowledge from everyone then put your own spin on it! 😀 Lets get down on h4 online add me!

  8. meghan00851 on

    Ooo yeah can’t wait to see ur BHO oil videos, lookn 4ward to em. Totally excited for what’s to come. We need a update on the plants in the tent aswell. Don’t keep us in the dark too long. I got mad love n respect for ya!! Well my grow master stay lifted, stay stoned n Peace Love & Pot!!

  9. meghan00851 on

    Daaamn sir chief a lot, that last hit was a bong banger wasn’t it. Dude u crrrrack me up, ur vids kick ass. U shud def go into the vilm industry. Congrats on the new film gig btw. Hate I didn’t win the scope but atleast I now knw where to buy one. U came out on the good wit a lil over 17 ozs. Can’t believe its all personal smoke n that u don’t make any profit off it. Ur a true Green Thumb for the fam. I give ya mad respect.

  10. 747westscope on

    when you do make your BHO im really curious about your purging method. I was going to go simple with it and use the DIY Alvin (mason jar and brake bleeder).

  11. Grow420Guide on

    I have noticed that with youtubbers everyone has been missing for at least a week hahaha good to know its not just me 🙂 I gotta make a stop through your channel for an update on everything!

  12. Grow420Guide on

    Haha I was so medicated after this sesh, editing took way longer than it should have haha. Thanks a ton! I am super stoked for this gig! It has gotten me back in the mind set of writing scripts so hopefully I will have a little something new for all my viewers for the new year. 😀 And as for the re veggers, I have only waitied so long because it is a time sensitive issue, they just take so long to reveg, so I didnt want to show you so many times in a row and burn you out of them 🙂

  13. kieran pass on

    yoo grow420guide , uu may know me from ,♏Ɣ old account bob marley but I got busted man :S , so this is ,♏Ɣ megapucca1234 channel but I’ve put it as ,♏Ɣ real name , so next year I will be getting a huge outdoor crop on so make sure you keep them videos coming man 🙂 peace (Y) StayStoned 🙂

  14. erickdom38 on

    “Ill give you ten seconds real quick, pack a bowl” i literally jumped to the other side of my bed to pack a nice fat bowl and then i noticed that we lighted the bowl at the same time !!
    G420G i love your videos ! They have helped me alot.
    Much love.

  15. Grow420Guide on

    😀 Congrats Jorlando93! I am super stoked for you! And I can not wait to see the video response of you taking a toke out of it! Peace&Pot Happy holidays bro! <3 

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