Alex Jones and Ron Paul


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6 comments on “Alex Jones and Ron Paul

  1. Jerid Glasspoole on

    I don’t Like how the news groups lied to the people about the pulls.
    I looked over all the pulls they pointed out where Mit Romney was trailing Obama something like 47 to 45 or so.. Those same pulls had Ron Paul beating Obama and Mit by over 50% of the votes.. If you go back to the Republican Allection you see that Mits team was video taped cheating and stealing votes from Ron Paul. So I really don’t think Mit was pick by the people.
    I think the goverment picked him to keep Ron Paul out.

  2. Jerid Glasspoole on

    what are you talking about? How did he not believe in equal rights?
    He is the only one that believes in the peoples rights… Obama does not think about peoples rights. Think about it he sold are freedom away.. Making it so we can go to jail without a trile for disagreeing with him in public.
    He Put all us american Vets on the terrorist watch list. And yet you think Ron Raul is against your freedoms?
    Also Ron Paul was leading in the pulls. He was the only one shown to be able to beat Obama

  3. nenaeststas on

    I find it somewhat ironic that you’ve mentioned the lack of support for Ron Paul is perhaps his biggest feat. Would his success be more plausible or realistic if he had an overly expensive campaign to generate support like Obama or Romney? I’m not trying to spark up a heated argument or anything here, I understand what you’ve said.. I just think it’s such a shame that Ron Paul isn’t considered to be ‘in their league’, as if he doesn’t stand a chance anyway.

  4. buddering on

    Ron Paul needs to get his politics right b4 winning my vote. Women are people too. Until he is willing to treat them as equals, he’ll never get into the white house.

  5. Quequechan on

    Ron Paul has been in congress alot longer than Obama i would think that he would know what to do way more then Obama what do you think Nay

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