52 oz Vertical hydroponics Rockwool slab grow.


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52 oz Vertical hydroponics Rockwool slab grow. Cannabis hydroponics Vertical 52 oz hydroponics Rockwool slab grow. cannabis hydroponics marijuana Vertical System, Archived grow from oct 2005 by Heath Robinson, 2x600w Hps in Cooltubes and 18 Aqua trays holding Rockwool slabs. Fed from the top by a dripper. The slabs drain to a rez from guttering running around the bottom of the slabs which is in turn pumped around the system. 52 oz dry harvest

49 comments on “52 oz Vertical hydroponics Rockwool slab grow.

  1. clbroadhead on

    i think this setup is brilliant but i can get 52oz easily from 30 plants. looks like theirs about 90 cuttings their.. is this due to thw fact that theira no light getting to far sidea of the plants ??


    Light of Jah
    Strain Specifications
    Mostly sativa
    Yield : 750 gr/m2 indoor
    Height : 100 cm
    Flowering period : 10 – 13 weeks
    THC level : 19% - 22%
    Grow Difficulty : moderate – expert

  3. LongFuckingVideos on

    They used the lies of Cannabis THC, to make your mind go to some where else, so you are not of this world, THE MATRIX ZONE.

    Wake up !.!

  4. ignesandros on

    Six plants per DLT (Dutch Leech Tray), Twenty DLTs? That’s 13.2g per plant. That’s pretty low.

  5. iniquitous1982 on

    1lb per plant? LOL! good luck. you planning on growing in 60 foot slabs using 10,000 watt bulbs in a light house? get a clue.

  6. Short Grey on

    did you find out how he did ? damn I don’t get it. I think the water does’t go back to a reservoir, water slowly drips in the slabs and evaporates until the next watering. What do you think ?

  7. superthing50 on

    when he had the sprouts i was like this is a fucking stupid ass idea…… i was wrong. this guy is a god! the circle of bud

  8. ritchiebarber on

    When using drip irrigation with rockwool slabs in this way do you leave the pump running 24/7 of do you allow the slabs to dry out slightly then start up again. If we added a sufficient sized air pump to the rez to oxygenate the water the roots wouldn’t drown and it would be like a drip irrigation dwc arrangement yes? Your thoughts are welcome.

  9. yz100f on

    hey if your looking for a seed bank head over to drcannabis.weebly.com they have fast and free shipping i got mine in 3 days and just ordered more also qcseedbank.weebly.com is run by the same guys

  10. jameze60 on

    yeah he put the drain at the bottom with a water pump so that the table does not completely fill with water. water flows in from the top and drains straight out of the bottom and pumped into the water tank and then repupmed back to the plants. wicked setup

  11. kjsilvia90 on

    Lol ur a fuckin joke jailpotheads what u didn’t put in that little story of urs is that he had bath salts also which has a chem call msdv and makes u have the worst trip of lsd x2c meth coke and more all at the same time … and is not found in piss test … so
    puttin some1 in jail just for a plant u should have ur nuts stomped in cuz we don’t need more dumb fucks in this world thank you and have a nice day … btw badass set up u got goin on here

  12. hellbelley on

    How many plants ? does it take 2 month from the beggening to the end (harvest)? look great because you only used a 600w


    looks like about 120 plants dam so 72 might get me half of that grow 25 oz. well thats really not that great! because 72 plans should yield about 720 oz. yeah maybe u can save -3-4 weeks on a grow but naa not for me. great design tho !!!dam great for limited space..A+

  14. zebbles on

    If tip rats could make music it would be English punk rock…hahaha To each his own of course. Enjoy 🙂

  15. danish pee on

    haha pound per plant mate your living in a dream world, grow some lettce and smoke that cs if you got a pondoff a plant then youd be better off smoking lettuce

  16. Short Grey on

    mary janes garden looks like a big scam. Sannie’s Jack can yield 750g/m2 with a 600w HPS and is definetely a more reliable seedbank. Not feminized though


    I’d bag it up and use it for a pillow, if the smell don’t knock you out then pinch a bit n take a hit!!! 😀

  18. 90supadave on

    this set gets me so amped up to build one of my own but i dont think i can pull one off as good as this one…super job…is it hard?????

  19. chris cahill on

    can i just have few questions answered please im thinking of making this
    1 would i need to go up in wattage if i wanted to add say 8 more slabs or would the 600w still work for it fine
    2 is it oz or pounds you mean because i want to aim for near 1 pound per plant
    3 any tips you could give me on making this work better or things that can just help me in the construction
    4 how much does it cost to build and how much does it cost to run each plant growth cycle

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