4K Perpetual Cannabis Grow. Update #6


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4K Perpetual Cannabis Grow. Update #6Update in the 4K perpetual, some lolly popping. Also a update on the next plants coming up for the flower room.

8 comments on “4K Perpetual Cannabis Grow. Update #6

  1. Legal2GrowAZ on

    This is great!! I love to see how other gardeners are keeping the garden on a good cycle. I am sure that you have a great pest preventative regimen. What exactly are you doing to keep pests out? I have found for me that I deal with less pests when I can get into my rooms and clean between harvests. This is one of the risks of perpetual grows. Anyway, this garden goes on my list of the great memorable gardens of all time!! Always love the videos!! Keep on Growing!!

  2. GoldThumbGardens on

    If it has a nice developing bud or two at the end getting decent light it can stay. Some strains I’ll thin more aggressively than others.

    I’m also hoping on better lower bud development, with the further plant spacing that I have in this room compared to what I use to have in my tents.

    Just going off of what I have experienced with these strains in the past and my other grows. This is the first run in this room so I may decide to thin more aggressively with up coming plants.

  3. Darron Beaumont on

    i enjoyed the video and look forward to an update. im trying to school up as much as i can till i start my own.

  4. GoldThumbGardens on

    But they also say that when you think you have lolly popped and thinned to much you have probably done it just right.

    That’s one thing I’m looking forward to with this perpetual grow. Is the fact that I can constantly experiment. Because there will always be 3 more plants coming up in 3 short weeks, to try something different or the same for that matter with.

  5. ConstantGardener509 on

    so at about 7:45 you were pulling off some lower foilage. I couldnt see the entire plant or branch so im just using my best judgement but I would think you should remove the whole branches that you were touching. they looked quite small, and buryed under 2+ feet of foilage. I lollypop pretty aggressively, and it makes the harvest easier. what do you think?

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