1140 watt,LED,Buds are coming?


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1140 watt,LED,Buds are coming?Well once again,this is just another update on,my 1140 watt grow room,Budding is in 1st week.

5 comments on “1140 watt,LED,Buds are coming?

  1. strikesan24 on

    Cool vids man, i don’t think your boring. Your educational, it’s cool to see alternative methods as well. For a small space or financially restricted indoor growers this seems to be a great method! Don’t change, keep em coming! Good luck:-)

  2. MrSmokeMore on

    You need to keep talking! So everybody can learn! And one tip, once they start really budding, walk outside and check the exhaust of you portable a/c unit and make sure the air doesn’t smell just to be safe.

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