1140 watt LED grow room update

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1140 watt LED grow room updateWell trying to keep all in the know of thing,s.And as you can see all is looking very nice.

11 comments on “1140 watt LED grow room update

  1. MsHempoilsoldier on

    WOW very very healthy too
    so many grow stores diss led but they dont watch guys like you
    this tells me i need to consider this way more than traditional lights like hps
    ‘alot less heat eh?.

  2. Metal8Lover on

    yeah i heard that if your use led’s for flowing plants you have to use them with hps or mh to get good bud growth

  3. zeropointemcs on

    leds seem to being working,maybe because your a very good grower,i use them once and ,i got fuck all but popcorn well done mate.peace and pot.

  4. randy1186 on

    nicee very nice 🙂 are we more likely to get raided by the law for using low wattage lights like the LED and CFL ? 🙂

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