1140 watt LED great grow room

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1140 watt LED great grow roomThis is the grow room I dream about.And now I have done it.This is a cool grow room,great things will come from it? ???????think,

6 comments on “1140 watt LED great grow room

  1. zepperone1 on

    They are all LED lights so they do not used 1140 watt..it is just
    the out put is 1140 of light

  2. MegaDrCannabis on

    if anyone needs seeds take a look at GREEN-CITY-SEEDS.WEEBLY.COM free shipping wold wide and i got mine so there legit

  3. MrSmokeMore on

    The black and white video does come out a lot clearer with those LED’s. Feel free, in a future video, to tell us again what you use in your soil and when you water, etc. You said before what you put in your soil and how you feed your plants but I can’t remember. You’re definitely doing something right! Thanks for posting.

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