outdoor marijuana growing


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buydutchseeds asked:

buydutchseeds.com learn how you to grow cannabis seeds outdoor. A step by step instruction on growing marijuana on an outside garden

12 comments on “outdoor marijuana growing

  1. ilovegmanlolz on

    @B0tnet if you’re in America ordering seeds is the dumbest thing to do.

    best thing to do is have a buddy with a med card buy some for you at the shops.

    Buying seeds online is to much of a risk.

  2. dmorrow462 on

    I have some crosbread seeds between purple haze and white widow plans , I am selling 40 for £15 if anyone wants to buy let me know?

  3. B0tnet on

    can someone tell me how ordering seeds work? is it legal to buy them and have them shipped to you? even if u dont have a license?

  4. orangekush3 on

    @PyroIsAwsome well for one, the guy breeds weed, and so does his father, and sells his seeds, prices are lower cus they make only a small profit on their sales, when seeds come directly from the breeders, that way prices can be kept as low as possible…strains are the same and seeds are of good quality…check out this stuff on youtube if u don’t believe me…its not some scam its legit…seeds outht to be inexpensive…its a seed afterall regardless of the plant is will germinate..

  5. PyroIsAwsome on

    @orangekush3 if prices are lower than the actual breeders site than they ovbiousley put the name of a good strain on some low quality strain.

  6. orangekush3 on

    @xoXKaGeXox even better is pirates of the cannabean…check it out, i know the guy…prices are very low (don’t ask why) they just are, many strains to choose from…

  7. xoXKaGeXox on

    i bought from Buy Dutch Seeds

    they senden me the seeds really fast but the prices are a little bit over priced but they send fast 😀

    sry for bad english ^^

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