My First Marijuana Harvest From My First Indoor CFL Weed Growing Experience – it went FAST!


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cannabiscultivate asked: ◄ If you are looking for a place to buy cannabis seeds at a fair price, check out this link! It’s where I always order my seeds. how to grow pot in doors how to grow pot out doors how to grow outdoor pot how to grow grass indoors how to grow hydro indoors how to grow indoor pot how to grow white widow indoors growers guide marijuana mail order marijuana growing weed outdoors how to grow marijuana outside cannabis when to harvest cheap way to grow weed indoors cheapest way to grow weed indoors drying cannabis easy indoor weed easy way to grow weed indoors growing hydroponic weed indoors growing indoor weed plants growing indoors weed growing marijuana growing marijuana strains how to grow good outdoor how to grow good outdoor weed how to grow good plants how to grow good pot how to harvest marijuana how to harvest marijuana buds how to harvest marijuana plant how to harvest marijuana plants

19 comments on “My First Marijuana Harvest From My First Indoor CFL Weed Growing Experience – it went FAST!

  1. shank4420 on

    @paintworrior when ever you want to flower the plant change your light schedule from 18 hours a day to 12 hours of light a day and 12 hours of complete darkness and it will trick the plant into thinking the days are getting shorter and the plant will start to flower. It takes about 2 weeks to be able to see the signs of it like white hairs(female) or little pollen sacs(males)

  2. maxpowersstp on

    @bluelite7x the more you pay for shipping the less likley you will get caught. here is the deal i got got becuase i used standerd mail which gives them more time to inspect it. all that happend is i got a letter from homeland sucuirity saying what it was and that it was against the law. im sure my name is on a list but nothing happend to me i even ordered more after that paid the most money for the shipping and im a now a couple weeks from harvest. use the singelseedcompany off hightimes websit

  3. Vorash2002 on

    @theEgoShredder Why dont you shut the fuck up you punk ass bitch. If you dont like this video, then you shouldnt have commented on it you retarded uneducated dickless fuck. Nice video by the way

  4. TheEgoShredder on

    buddy ur wastin ur fukn time get a real light u broke ass bitch, those plants are pitiful and thats being nice

  5. hazard2000 on

    florescent light is the best ive heard, im starting to grow indoor for the first time soon and ive been to a few websites that all say florescent is the best

  6. MrDv23 on

    lmao the lights used to grow plants are made specically not to include the ultraviolet spectrum beacause ultraviolet light will burn and kill your plants

  7. Func7i0n on

    Harvest would have been MUCH better if those lights were lower. The plant had to stretch like crazy to get closer to the light, look at that stock.

  8. weedtokerallday on

    u should check out my train wreck go i have in my vids! there in there 5th week! i will show u how 2 grow good weed! my plants are much better

  9. MeinataR on

    for the amount of power you used do u think what you got out of it was worth it?
    2 me it didnt look like much but hey thats just my opinion

  10. evilcore66 on

    its not illegal to buy seeds. and do the plants need ultraviolet light to grow better? if so, cfl bulbs would not work. halogen lamps would work better. but im an electrician. not a gardener…

  11. bluelite7x on

    How likely is it to get arrested for ordering the seeds from the link given? Is there any way the the law could track down those who order them?

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