Mother & Son Marijuana Growing Team! Meet The Irwins


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MoxNewsDotCom asked: December 12, 2009 CNN

25 comments on “Mother & Son Marijuana Growing Team! Meet The Irwins

  1. ofcelticblood on

    Wow such nice people………..I’de buy from them. US Government is stupid to outlaw grass. The reason it is outlawed in the US is because there is so much money making it black market and many of our “leaders” have their greedy fat fingers in the “drug” business. Great video. Best wishes to mom & son. 🙂

  2. FrostyFarmer on

    @MrJeepin420style , Ya I heard. That’s no excuse. Starting late doesn’t make schwag, it just makes smaller plants. Buds form when the photo period reaches 12 and 12, which is in Sept.. Thats 2 months of growth. plenty of time, in my experience. They aren’t pro’s, that’s obvious, so they shouldn’t be on the news making a mockery of it.

  3. thirteenfingers on

    @MrJeepin420style I think it’s useful having a list of presidents who toked (inhaling or not) and the recent scramble of politicians in the UK who were climbing over eachother to admit using cannabis… but I don’t think that means legalization is more likely. It wasn’t made or kept illegal because those in power never used it, but because they are hypocritical, greedy, controlling, corrupt and completely against liberty. (No, I don’t like politicians… haha.)

  4. MrJeepin420style on

    @thirteenfingers dont forget Clinton and Bush. more then likely now the rest of our political reps will have done all kinds of illegal substances.

  5. thirteenfingers on

    @DoniGuzzo One can only hope it DOES put some street dealers out of business!

    If only they’d end prohibition and put the street dealers out of business for good. The sooner the better (but of course, I’m not holding my breath).

    I don’t even smoke (or eat, or vapourise or otherwise use) the stuff but I can’t understand the ongoing “reefer madness” about cannabis… it’s sheer lunacy and does more harm than good.

    Heck! Obama was a stoner and became the president of the world. How bad can it be?

  6. sk8rdude140 on

    WTF two ounces per plant!!!!! Hahaha dude fuck the green houses and grow out doors he could quadrouple his yield

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