Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 12


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cannabiscultivate asked:

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10 comments on “Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 12

  1. ken0brrtt on

    @HeavyMetal4Life54 what the hell are you talking about you can not change the gender of a plant unless you turn it to a he-she.

  2. JustinakaMK on

    @MrJuggalogamer93 male plants are smokeable it just has more seeds then a female. sorry for the late reply btw lol

  3. subgraf on

    A little early to tell if you had a male or female. Usually, you can’t tell until a week or so after you force flowering.

  4. HeavyMetal4Life54 on

    Hey u can turn a male plant into a female plant. if u strip all the leaves off of one side of it, it will go into an emergency mode and start budding and get a gender change. plus, it will produce feminized seeds.

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