Growing Marijuana* Time Laps Days 1-10


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jmurp70 asked:

Growing Marijuana. Days 1 -10 in HD time laps. Good for any new grower to see. Enjoy the seeds cracking open on the first day… Burying it’s roots into the soil… Watch the early leaf sprout & grow as the stem stretches towards the light… See them join the earlier cuttings from the white widow under the HPS as they start to grow in time together. Seeds Grown: Kali Mist, AK47, Train wreck, Bubble Cheese, Northern Lights, Auto Flowering, Music: Frame Drum (J) Peace & Pot. J growing marijuana, growing cannabis, growing weed, planting marijuana, planting cannabis, planting marijuana seeds, planting cannabis seeds, marijuana grows, indoor marijuana growing, growing marijuana indoors, time laps marijuana grow, time laps cannabis grow, how to grow marijuana, how to grow cannabis.

24 comments on “Growing Marijuana* Time Laps Days 1-10

  1. K1llachaM on

    did you transfer them to a bigger pot after the 10 days or how long did you wait? also is their anything u can do to assure that you are growing a female? im thinking about growing 1 plant but dont wanna wait 3 months to find out its a male

  2. Frankii3 on

    very, very ,very ,very ,VERYY helpfull video
    just planted 5 germinated feminzied white rhino seeds. and this helps me alot!!!

  3. SensiRootsBoy on

    u need to bring your light in, thats some bad stretching, i know u can’t get a 400 watt too close on youngens but try around 25 inch away at first, and try to get a metal halide bulb, HPS bulbs induce stretching, so u gotta get the light as close as possible w/o burning it.

  4. spyke194 on

    dude your should lower your light..
    the plants are stretching now the should be way lower
    and not that long and thing
    i m not an englische person sow it s hard to discribe:P
    one love

  5. CarlReuben on

    You can tell this guy is a stoner cause he did not even graduate school. It’s time lapse. Not laps you retard. And what’s with all the bugs on that shit???

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