‘Fake’ marijuana growing in popularity


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WOODTV8 asked:

The newest trend for people who want to get high without using marijuana is called K-2, or “spice.” But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s safe, doctors said Thursday.

5 comments on “‘Fake’ marijuana growing in popularity

  1. PDavidProductions on

    @tavonevox16 It’s not shit. Brands that I would recommend are Spike Max, Ak-47, and Spice Diamond. They are much more intense than weed, but don’t last very long. Also, be careful of how much u have, cuz it can give you a horrible panic attack

  2. PARKOUR204 on

    Juss tried spice 2 dayz ago for tha first time!!!
    I like it cuz for 1, its almost as good as weed, nd 2…since im on probation…it does show up!!haha

    TRY SPICE. monkey funky!

  3. tavonevox16 on

    They recently started selling this in gastonia & charlotte north carolina.i heard it was shit though,I’ll try it sooner or later

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