Day 17 Flowering Marijuana growing


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SOGrwing asked:

Marijuana growing

25 comments on “Day 17 Flowering Marijuana growing

  1. 420grower420 on

    @ChicenFriedPork idk but mine showed up about like a week after 12/12 (outdoor grow so it was natural 12/12)

  2. ChicenFriedPork on

    my plant has been flowering for at least a week now. no sex yet but when the flowers started to show did they show up out of nowhere. almost like overnight

  3. ihypno on

    @SploogemsXD just cut offthe top little thingy that grows new leaves .. the plant will then start to make more small shoots between the big shoots making it bushy..give about 5 days to heal first before that happens tho

  4. alwayscorrect100 on

    Good vid please watch “growing weed MR funny face” and giv me some tips to help me out. thx.

  5. SploogemsXD on

    instead of growing six leaves my plant sprouted 8. idk wat to do when i top it. any help would b nice.

  6. stett99 on

    theres like 6 spots where buds growing but i dunno if it will grow into one bud or just a couple little ones that will yield like .5 each, i just cant tell how much this strain is gonna yield, how big the flowers r gonna get

  7. stett99 on

    sucks having to flower a plant early cuz of time restraints its so much easier to let them grow out to their max and then flower. dont have to worry about stressing the plants and male/hermi identification problems. plant like 20 inches tall get how much bud ?

  8. tsummerlin84 on

    how could you possibly be in the position to suggest what type to grow, when you have no Idea what your looking at. they are obviously heavy sativa maybe pure.

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