Urban Grower 74 – Complete Show


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Urban Grower 74 - Complete ShowA complete compilation of our most recent segments. This video features legal medical marijuana gardens and is to be used for educational purposes only. Chec…

50 comments on “Urban Grower 74 – Complete Show

  1. Evergreen420ed on

    Could you please give me some tips on Advanced Nute???
    I went to store to pick up some today but there were lots of deffrent types.

  2. ballbeanking on

    where do you have the compressor and evaporator coil? How do you keep the outdoor part of the unit from freezing? is it R22 coolant?

  3. zemin1a on

    wake and bake moar liek bake and wake
    would love some input from a grand master for a future project message me if intrested

  4. agentm00se on

    thats some pretty far out tuneage you’ve got there bud, thought my gameboy had resurrected itself 😀

  5. Pulsed Neutrino on

    Good luck people. Get that shit legal and make it work then we can all point to you as a success story to get our own govs to listen us and stop discriminating and prosecuting good people in our home countries. 

  6. JustMeGrowing on

    Hey wish you would come down south and check out this new growers setup. And experience.

  7. KendrickMan on

    Sent my letter to MMAR, thanks for the info! I hate when I don’t know how to help until its too late. Great video, and rest in peace, Michelle

  8. smokebluntrubcunt on

    the governments gonna fuck us all over for our licenses bro, its gonna be a sad day

  9. Smokyburnowt on

    Sup Remo? Have you done any vids on medical cannabis that are super high in CBD, yet super low in THC? I’d love to get your opinon on how the medicine actually feels and which strains are the absolute highest in CBD these days. Thanks.

  10. Curvify on

    Michelle died ? i usto watch her video’s ages ago and get jealous because she always usto have like 100 pre rolled joints ready to go , RIP to her she will be remembered, peace and pot

  11. aznthg27 on

    Alright Jason Wilcox!!!  Fuck those freedom and liberty hating parasite worms politicians. Jason if you get to see this please watch this video!!

    It’s time everyone needs to wake up to the New World Order.

  12. happy stoner on

    nice video great info good viewing. and mostly great tribute to michelle.. keep up the great work been following you guys for years man changed my tag a couple times though peace out happystoneruk

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