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uk cannabis busts rochdale.wmvGrow room bust Rochdale,Police reveal thousands of pounds worth of cannabis in disused warehouse,The sophisticated farm stored over 500 separate plants worth tens of thousands of pounds in street value. The under cover investigation prevented a massive amount of the class C drug from spilling out into the streets of Rochdale. Officers found row after row of mature cannabis plants flourishing under low-slung, high-powered lighting, providing the intense heat needed to induce the rapid growth of t

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  1. rayfox62 on

    was this near the Gym in the mill? We had a great Rave in there in the early 1990’s, until about 500 dibble turned up and ruined it 🙁

  2. blaster2012 on

    @Silvestris420 Yeah,but they won’t be smoking it,they’ll be burning it… that IS a criminal waste.

  3. martynjhorne on

    aaaah yes our police ,,,,,picking the lowest hanging an easiest to reach fruit on the tree,,,,,,,

  4. marsCubed on

    @b0rg51r Some research does support causal links. some challenges this by pointing to diagnosis of schizophrenic traits in those who go on to take it. they tend also to be “Artistic” personality types, creative thinkers, musicians etc.
    Both ideas are valid. They weight each other towards a fuller understanding.
    One thing seems pretty obvious though, Holland has cheap, easy, positive outcomes.
    In recession good to stimulate new business too.
    Brighton for tourist £. will help to fight real crime.

  5. JaSheen89 on

    And while 100 thousand plants are seized in one town, 500 thousand seeds are being grown in another town and 1 million in another etc!.. LEGALIZE!!! Stop wasting your time, money, prison spaces and OUR taxes!!

  6. kiostrik on

    haha i used tow wrk in the warehouse as a joinery labourer wish id known bout all that lol wud of bin happy dayz

  7. alzabhoy on


  8. MrJtinda on

    i wont be rich anymore if it legal….so stay illegal and i will be very very very happy and rich 🙂 fuck the police 🙂

  9. 1987iantaylor on

    @marsCubed i think the police are pretty chilled about the user, if you get stopped and have anything under an ounce you dont get arrested just usually a small fine so it could be worse, never heard of them raiding anyones house just because they smoked weed, maybe if they were selling/growing it or using hard drugs

  10. martynrobin121 on

    Nice to see our hard earned taxes are going to waste! While they raid this 1 anouther 5 is growing round the corner and loads more in the city etc why should we even try to stop it we cant do it and we are wasting millions just to make the people who sell it rich why not make it legal? would stop the street dealers make the goverment more money and save alot of taxes its safe compared to alcohol its just stupid trying to stop it

  11. jbjazzblues on

    hi Alzabhoy, we at Goldenseed/ take a perverse delight in winding up the protagonist of the so called ‘war on drugs’ the DEA BEING THE MAIN ONE
    all the best

  12. Goldenseed on


  13. secretsilver8 on

    if rochdale police beleive that has any impact on the suppy of cannabis in rochdale they are mistaken, its all over, they cant stop it, i dont beleive they realize the demand for it and how much is really out there.

  14. theestever on

    I wonder what percentage of farms like this actually get busted? I bet it’s pretty small. I’m sure a find like this hardly puts a dent in the area’s supply. To really make hit the nation’s crop they’re gonna hafta make like 10 busts on this scale every day for a decade or something.
    Bill Hicks: “George Bush says ‘We are losing the war on drugs’. Well you know what that implies? There’s a war going on, and people on drugs are winning it!”

    And all we’re doing is having a good time! 😀

  15. jamie19889 on

    Why dont you raid a pub or a nightclub and confiscate the alcohol. You would prevent a lot more harm from being caused than wasting ur time with weed.

  16. 35rps on

    And whilst the police were doing this………the heroin dealers and smugglers were going about there normal buisness. The terrorists were sitting in the mosque planning their next attack, peadophiles were hanging around the schools trying to spot their next victim, young girls were being gang raped by gangs of black youths, guns were being sold inpubs, gypoes were robbing and conning pensioners of their pitance. But now a bit of skunk is off the street, don’t you feel much safer. Thanks cops!!!

  17. martynrobin121 on

    If cannabis is such a bad drug WHY IS Alcohol whitch is 20x worse LEGAL?
    Do you really think the goverment cares about YOUR HEALTH!
    Thats why alchohol is legal and tobacco and thats why you can go in many shops all over the country AND BUY LEGAL DRUGS! That you can overdose off we live in a messed up world

  18. b0rg51r on

    @marsCubed It’s not the drug what causes people to be schizo, it’s the pressure that comes with it. That pressure is because they feel they’re doing something wrong, this can lead to paranoia. Also more people than others realize get diagnosed as schizo and they don’t use pot. Considering how many people do use pot it’s obvious a few schizo’s are going to use pot and then it’s all to easy for people who believe in non science to point the finger at pot.

  19. waterhouse24 on

    nice.. Check out the video called: Your Children will smoke Cannabis in the UK 2010

  20. srspower on

    Have these idiots got nothing better to do? I bet they went to the pub afterwards got hammered and beat up some black people.

    Facist pigs.

  21. jbjazzblues on

    hi Alzabhoy, we at Goldenseed/ take a perverse delight in winding up the protagonist of the so called ‘war on drugs’ the DEA BEING THE MAIN ONE
    all the best

  22. marsCubed on

    Research shows that kids who scored highly for schizophrenic traits, were also the most likely to use cannabis later in life. The researchers considered that it was indicative of self medication.

    It is far from proven that cannabis causes mental illness. It is more likely that some people desire to use it as a natural compliment to imaginative personality and may have deep evolutionary context.
    Police should concentrate on criminal gangs and leave users alone.
    De-criminalize it like in Holland

  23. Silvestris420 on

    @blaster2012 Fuck, if I found that much pot I’d be grinning too. Then I’d smoke it all in two days and wonder where the fuck it all went.

  24. blaster2012 on

    WTF are they talking about…you don’t need “intense amounts of heat” to grow pot,what you need is light.The “plants are only days away from being used” idiots,you have to harvest it and cure it first,how long do you think that one little vietnamese guy will take to do that?HaHa and look at that stupid grinning bitch at 0:17,i hope she drowns in her own smugness.This is all WRONG.

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