TOKE-TV:Marijuana Bust in Brooklyn


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TokeTV asked:

The Local Networks did their “reporting” on a recent DEA bust in Brooklyn…. While I saw and heard them…. In MY HEAD I kept hearing the Beatles “I Want You”.. News footage used under Fair Use Doctrine

14 comments on “TOKE-TV:Marijuana Bust in Brooklyn

  1. 8489rudy on

    dang 15 pounds per plant must be using steroids, this pig is a,fucking idiot

    so high they reach the ceiling hey thats me!

  2. bosco333333 on

    the dea arrests about 1,687,000 for pot a year. it cost $47,000 for a inmate to live per year. what the fuck.

  3. ACSSinstructor on

    i currently dont “smoke” but i provide security for a “clinic” in my state, and am learning alot about the benifits of this medicine, it is helping alot of people. no one has ever gone on a killing spree after smoking “dope”. fuck, just legalize this shit already.

  4. hitman1421 on

    This pisses me off, for one a plant doesnt produce 15 lbs of herb, second they arent selling that for 7 grand a pound. It pisses me off to see how misinformed the media is…In a decade we are going to look back and just realize how stupid we were for banning a plant.

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