The Jamaican Drug Police


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thetruthergirls asked:

Officer Irie visits Mr Jones regarding his drug use. Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to promote the use of drugs, dope, pot,or marijuana and does not endorse Jamaica, the police or bribery.

22 comments on “The Jamaican Drug Police

  1. teasnax on

    hahahaha ~ dat was grehhhhhhht, mon! me enjoyed how de man layed pon the po “blood/ras[was there a bomba?] clot” every time!

  2. ducky923 on

    Whats stopping you from going on auditions for movies and stuff? You can do mad good accents and act and everything. WHats stopping you?

  3. vickyspit on

    Yay for us Germans.

    So I believe most things are ok in moderation, I have to say sadly that everyone i know who smokes this stuff has become totally addicted. 1 friend is paranoid and cannot sleep w/o it, another is completely paranoid and twitchy all the time, and other people I know smoke it every single day at work before 11am. Sounds desperate and addicted.

  4. Changeling9au on

    Not to mention the brilliant comedians, and let’s not forget the BMW (Bong Mix Woooh) Chuffa car or the Blowpunked range of Dizzyvisions.

    But now this is just getting silly, isn’t it….


  5. thetruthergirls on

    With all the brilliant musicians, philosophers, etc that have come out of Germany, I think it’s time people start associating that country with something a little more positive.

    For starters, the famous fashion model, Claudia KIFFER.

  6. Changeling9au on

    “lol, sorry, I AM german.”

    One bong! One mix! One Volkswagen Kombi!
    – Adolph SmokeShitler, 1933, Parallel Dimension Germany.


  7. bravehartmman on

    As someone who lived in Jamaica i find this video real annoying mainly because you sound GERMAN not Jamaican ! next time brush up on the accent 1st !

  8. greenback001 on

    I’m not a weed smoker but all the friends of mine who do smoke are much cooler than the ones who don’t. Go figure.

  9. KevinCali24 on

    my roommate smokes weed a lot and I love the smell of it. I used to smoke but I quit because I started getting paranoid.

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