SWAT Raids — No One Is Safe


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drcnet asked:

This video refers to the botched raid on the home Mayor Cheve Calvo, Berwyn Heights, Maryland, to make the case that SWAT teams are being massively overused and endangering the public. It is associated with the web site www.swatreform.org.

25 comments on “SWAT Raids — No One Is Safe

  1. steveo9001 on

    @2603cb rofl you’re a tool. Drug prohibition causes kids to get recruited into selling drugs … there were countless drug dealers in my school i say “were” cause im not in school anymore …. this was 2 years ago … not much could have changed.

    I got offered to buy marijuana on my way to school when i was 12 … would this have happened if drugs were legal ? would my friends in highschool have been selling drugs in class ?

    Please tell me what positive effects prohibition causes.

  2. GroddGuerrilla on

    Fun fact: The majority of nacro-cops have ZERO actual face-time with anyone involved in drug-trade or use unless they plan on busting them.

    It’s the equivalent of plugging your ears and going LALALA with a gun.

    Please, sign the petition.

  3. liberty2001 on

    The supreme court ruled that police could conduct no-knock/surprise raids because of the possibility that evidence might be disposed of before. In the Calvo case, a box was delivered to their doorstep that contained 30 lbs of cannabis.

    Guys, you can’t FLUSH 30 pounds of WEED…

    (Which is why I call the drug warriors and the wimpy ass cowardly politicians DOPES!)

  4. Clifton240Z on

    Educate yourself. Tobacco and alcohol are harder drugs than most illegal drugs ( Cannabis, DMT, LSD, ect).

  5. Sheryakahan on

    drugs are not bad…its just what law makes them to be.Theres evidence thatt 90% of the big drug lords are backed up by the government itself.
    The only reason its not legalized is because it will cause the illegal underground busines of government to flop.

  6. omfgiamhot on

    .. ur dying anyway..

    just speed up the process.

    lol. okay. im sorry. it was just an idea that really amused me. i dont mean to offend anyone =P

  7. McSpic88 on

    Wait…so because I smoke pot..i should be poisoned?

    So because i choose to smoke a joint every now and then i’m a criminal?
    I work 40 hours a week and am a good, honest, hard working individual.Why should i be poisoned?

  8. McSpic88 on

    so yea, SWAT needs to get their priorities straight.we’re not saying that SWAT needs to be abolished, they just need to be more responsible and focus on the real crime.

    So before you act like a dick, try looking at this from someone else’s perspective. Unless youre too closed minded for that. If that’s the case then i really feel sorry for you.

  9. McSpic88 on

    too bad they didnt send a SWAT team to Phillip Garrido’s house when his neighbor called the cops to his house two years ago cuz there were little girls and tents in his backyard.Keep in mind he’s a sex offender who cant have kids on his property.The cop that came to his house didnt do anything.

    however, if the neioghbors called and said they saw people growing pot in the backyard…they wouldve sent a SWAT team w/o hesitation and Jaycee and her daughters would have been freed two years ago.

  10. omfgiamhot on

    i read this book where it said that the only way to stop the flow and usage of drugs is to poison it…

  11. thccorp on

    This is your battle as well, If you look into the reason for 90% of the mistakes, you will find a informant trying to save his own hide. Police need to do more police work and if its your house the informant says is dealing, you will be the next one. As far as drugs go, why should they be illegal, the law does not stop or create drug use, it only makes the drug profitable to the black market. making it necessary to use force to control, sound familiar? prohibition doesn’t work.

  12. BaliSC on

    yeah we dont need swat some people in america are so stupid yeah we are going to knock on drug dealers doors seeing if they will open it before they flush the drugs choose another battle stupid hippies

  13. CERCARIA on

    No time for investigation! Gotta go,go,go.Stomp those pot puffers!
    I offer my condolences to Mayor Calvo for his loss. Sweet spirits gone in a moment of useless violence. When violence is used on innocence it is useless.
    So,swat didn’t initiate even the most simple investigation? Just round up the boys for some overtime and chaaarge

  14. 2603cb on

    your a dumb ass i cant stand ppl like you. your the person that no one can ever please and nothing is ever right. These men risk their lives every day for ppl like you and all you do is bitch about it.

  15. brigo234 on

    Oh really? And please explain how swat teams are preventing the flow of drugs? You cannot. In actuality, drug laws are the cause of the violent underground market. Swat teams have succeeded in one area: Destroying constitutionally protected civil liberties.

  16. drcnet on

    Evidence is clear that enforcement does not reduce drug availability. The average street price of cocaine has dropped by more than a factor of five since 1980 — lower prices = greater availability. Suppliers expect that some of what they ship will get seized, so they send more in order to fill the demand. Econ 101.

    But again, if police are going to do drug searches or arrests, they can just do knock and announce, and not subject people to the abuse and very real danger of a paramilitary raid.

  17. drcnet on

    That simply won’t happen. First of all, drug enforcement only moves the drug trade from place to place. You might get a temporary reduction in crime in one neighborhood, but at the cost of as much or more elsewhere. Secondly, if they are going to do drug arrests or searches, they can do the usual knock and announce. If there’s a sniper or a hostage situation, send in the SWAT team by all means. But most of the time, don’t use SWAT, it’s abusive and dangerous.

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