Stoner Moments #3


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Stoner Moments #3Here at the Stone Zone Show, one of our favorite things to do when we’re high is watch stupid ass videos online. We’ve been doing “Stoner Moments” on the show for three years, and now we’d like to share with you some of our favorite video stoner moments!! Here now is, Stoner Moments #3!! To catch all of our shows, hit up: or find us in iTunes!

15 comments on “Stoner Moments #3

  1. tokerzSRH4LIFE on

    OH FUCK! She probably had a nice trip, maybe we’ll see her next Fall, lmao, good vid, haha

  2. drexeldrax45 on

    holy shit man thats fucken funny as hell i laughed so hard when you replayed it like 5 times in a row and the sound effects hahaha

  3. thtsmr22u on

    the only people who know and understand this are stoners tht are stoned at the time of watching it…..thank you to the creator…w4c2u0

  4. elpollococo on

    Why was she standing on that anyways. Oh shit I just realized what song she was singing lol

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