Snoop Lion Was Skeptical Of Twitter At First – CONAN on TBS


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Snoop Lion Was Skeptical Of Twitter At First - CONAN on TBSSnoop had doubts about social media at first, but now he’s tweeting topless selfies with the best of them.More CONAN @ Team Coco is…

48 comments on “Snoop Lion Was Skeptical Of Twitter At First – CONAN on TBS

  1. SkaterQuickflip on

    People say they’d like to smoke with Snoop, which I totally agree with.
    But imagine this…… hitting the blunt with Conan.. that must be the definition of THE perfect day

  2. Simon Tremblay on

    Wow. They should see KoRn’s Jonathan Davis’s microphone. Now THAT’S a microphone.

  3. Pekeno201 on

    Next reincarnation: Snoop Giraffe

    I like his attitude more now. That gangsta shit is getting really old, cut the crap already with them terrible “rap”(if you can still call it that) albums.
    I should make an album about how rough it is to pay taxes.

  4. tyler2011chs on

    conan: ‘so you went from paranoid to look at me in a bubble bath’

    snoop: ‘yea, yea!’ hahaha love snoop

  5. FaYtxFaTe on

    UPDATE: Just got word that Snoop is currently trying out the first prototypes of the Snooper Pimptendo while taking a bath in his new Bubble Bath Soap: Snoop’s Bitchin Bubizzie Bathizzle soap (part of his new line of RastaLion Bath products designed to grow/maintain that mane to attract the lioness in your life).

    Rumor has it that this bath soap utilizes RastaNano technology where you could see bitches dance in the bubbles that float in the air. Truly revolutionary stuff Snoop.

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  8. Steven Benjamin on

    I don’t know who you are referring to. Everyone in this video has earned their money.


    “I’m Followin you, I’m Followin You, And I’m like where you followin me to?”

  10. kartik aitha on

    What a guy! Super laid back and humble. New age “Rappers”(if you wanna call them) can learn 1 or 2 from this video

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