Same-Sex Marriage Bill Introduced


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Same-Sex Marriage Bill IntroducedSenator Scott Dibble, DFL-Mpls, and Rep. Karen Clark, DFL-Mpls, announce the introduction of a bill allowing same-sex marriage in Minnesota. If approved by t…

50 comments on “Same-Sex Marriage Bill Introduced

  1. longpastdue on

    I know enough to know that you’re dodging, and you were accusing them of ad hominem…hypocrisy suits you. If we are playing that game then please allow me to participate. The big question is why you are so opposed. You haven’t been making religious arguments on here, in fact most of your arguments end up saying “without a mother.” So I would guess that this comes from some issue with yours, for which I am very sorry but ask you not to put your issues on the rest of us.

  2. Dawn Lubka on

    My brother’s rabbi is on here and he is amazing, and I worked with the pediatrician who is one of the best doctors we had at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of MN. Very very good with children. You could say he is AN EXPERT. Anyway, such beautiful families and I feel so proud to be a Minnesotan right now, I am crying.

    We aren’t all Michelle Bachmann zombies.

    Please Minnesotans, write to your representatives in support of these bills!

    MN LOVE!

  3. KristerHe on

    It is quite useless to argue with people who want to discriminate. No logic, no amont of researc, no practical experience, no comments of professional psychologist or legal experts will change the opinion to these stubborn people. They just seem to enjoy despising other people.

  4. longpastdue on

    Are you kidding me, are you really attempting to say that the pro-equality people are using logical fallacies given the complete rape of any kind of logic that occurs in the second half of this video. The shear number of non-sequitur arguments made is beyond belief.

  5. longpastdue on

    On that same point I have a friend that wants to get married, the funny thing is nobody has been willing to sell him a daughter or a sister so he thought he might just keep it biblical and rape some woman so that she’d have to marry him. Deuteronomy 22:28. Then again that’s a big commitment I mean what if she died, only women are allowed to marry more than once. 1 Corinthians 7:39

  6. wfmkk on

    “pro-equality people”
    Nice self-righteous distortion of the language.
    “rape of logic”
    Umm … I doubt you know what logic is.

  7. SebastienCade on

    Those republicans…. oh my god. That was so hilariously stupid, I can’t believe they were saying those things.

  8. Smithjgwhs3 on

    Funny how you call it discrimination when its unethical and immoral and you are changing what marriage is and what the bible says BIBLE SAYS THOU SHALT NOT LAY WITH MANKIND AS THOU WITH WOMANKIND ALSO I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN TO PREACH there should be no woman pastors or reverends

  9. albino xenopus on

    At 15:00 onwards….BRILLIANT ! The boy with the two handsome gay dads is SOOOOO cute and funny and a great example of how kids will embarrass their parents (delightfully) no matter who they are 🙂

  10. destiney collins on

    How can you deny rights to HUMAN BEINGS .. just for being gay, I simply cannot wrap my mind around the fact that there are people so unopen minded. The constitution was created in order to give EVERYONE their rights ! it doesn’t specify what race what gender what hair color, it says EVERYONE. everyone is deserving of marriage rights. Redefining the definition of marriage is not these peoples problems. Its the fact that they are too judgmental to allow something different or absurd to happen.

  11. Dawn Lubka on

    I used to work with that pediatrician. He married his lawyer boyfriend about 5 years ago. I am so happy to see they have twins!!! What a beautiful representation of a stable loving typical Minnesota couple. How can you say that two gorgeous intelligent compassionate committed hard-working men in public service industries (health care and law), shouldn’t be allowed the same rights afforded any other Minnesota couple??? I wrote to every single one of my representatives, and so should you! MN LOVE!

  12. wfmkk on

    Two machine politicians pandering to cultural Marxists.
    And the poor boy in the background won’t have a mother.
    This is hardly something we should promote.

  13. wfmkk on

    The ridiculously shallow premise of the “gay marriage” campaign is that civil marriage is nothing more than choosing a partner, registering that choice, and then letting the free state benefits roll in.
    But marriage is much more than a government soup kitchen. There is a REASON for those benefits — CHILDREN. Society puts heterosexual love on a pedestal …

  14. Alex RcS on

    Because people are always much more comfortable in what they fully know and think they can control. Especially people with low IQs. And religion is the ultimate refuge for those people.
    It’s the undeniable (in their mind) “status quo” thing…

  15. doc2log on

    This video ought to be shown to the Supreme court judges before their impending decision – just to show the contrast of gay (as in happy and normal) and those bigoted farts with their hateful opinions in the latter part.

  16. wfmkk on

    “pulling this kind of thing”
    No, that’s not coherent writing either. You’re still babbling.

  17. onebadgs400 on

    Ultimately, the homosexual lobby’s primary objective is to radically redefine our foundational institutions of legitimate marriage and the nuclear family by unraveling God’s natural design for human sexuality. In so doing, they hope to elevate their own spiritual and biological counterfeit and establish a sexually androgynous society wherein natural distinctions between male and female are dissolved.
    This creates cultural and moral anarchy.

  18. ZeeJeff on

    As a Canadian, I would like to know what “changes” Senator Paul Gazelka was talking about at 35:58. He said “You can look at the other states or to the north, in Canada and see clearly that there are changes” and a bit before he mentioned religious/parental/business rights being denied. He never mentioned the specific changes? The only change I have seen is more tolerance. People are a lot less homophobic now. I think its this normalization of homosexuality that scare these people, but why?

  19. princesskatie333 on

    Are you being serious or are you trolling? Because you’re kind of annoying… I have to tell you some of my best friends didn’t have either a mother or father for various reasons and they turned out fine. I’m pretty religious too but I find my Church’s argument against gay marriage silly and uneducated.

  20. wfmkk on

    The state awards marriage benefits and recognition to heterosexual couples without regard for **incidental** infertility or contraception — because (1) the overwhelming majority of married couples **do** have children, and (2) the state is constitutionally prohibited from screening all couples for fertility because that would violate the medical privacy of couples.
    Marriage and procreation are fundamentally linked, without procreation being specifically required each and every time.

  21. longpastdue on

    This is getting sad now, are you really pulling this kind of thing? You know damned well who I meant and you yet again are trying to avoid making any kind of argument that you know you can’t back up. I’m going to leave this be from here out but for your own sake please get some help.

  22. wfmkk on

    Umm … no. Your anecdotal evidence is worthless. Please learn some logical reasoning skills. And I couldn’t care less about your church or whether you’re annoyed.

  23. doc2log on

    These men and women may actually be fearful that their own husbands and wives might realize that they are gay and divorce them…LOL!

  24. TheCarmylla on

    so lovely! here in italy it’s impossible to have a law like this.. damn church and damn catholics! we neither have a law against omophobic violences.. 🙁 so sad

  25. PlatypusRising55 on

    Bless their little hearts. That’s a long time for 3 year olds to be still and quite. They’re doing a good job. So cute.

  26. wfmkk on

    I have observed significant similarities between gay activists and climate deniers:
    1. Both are in deep denial about natural limits.
    2. Both employ a script of sophomoric talking points that they recycle ad nauseam.
    3. Both have tribal tendencies caused by a persecution complex.
    4. Both display a proclivity for logical fallacies when debating (e.g., straw men, ad hominem, cherry picking, false dichotomy, etc.).

  27. Blake Jordan on

    Anti-equality people have no legitimate argument on their side. One of the funniest things ever is when they try to claim it as anything but religious bias. If they were truly pro traditional values they would be fighting to outlaw divorce, remove children from single parent homes, etcetera. But they know that would bring severe backlash to their “cause”.

  28. wfmkk on

    The poor child is being raised without a mother. It’s better than a foster home, but certainly not worthy of state promotion and recognition with the label of “homosexual marriage” — especially since the overwhelming majority of homosexual couples will NEVER raise children, and their STERILE unions will certainly never create children of their own.
    No, this campaign is about self-centered CHILDLESS homosexual couples who want something for nothing.

  29. Dawn Lubka on

    16:12 “I’ll take that.” Freaking adorable. I’m with the lady who said her ovaries exploded.

    Anyway, maybe the reason conservatives think kids will be damaged if they aren’t raised by both sexes is because their parents were stuck in ultra old school gender roles where moms were submissive and gave the affection, and dads were emotionally unavailable and overly masculine. Wake up. Modern parents today are more gender-neutral and can give kids qualities from both worlds, and GLBTers do it well!

  30. wfmkk on

    … and rewards it with marriage benefits because that love has the potential to create children and the optimal environment for child rearing.
    In sharp contrast, homosexual love is always sterile and virtually worthless to society. The unions of gay or lesbian couples provide **no hope whatsoever** for a public benefit of comparable magnitude. That is why “gay marriage” is an oxymoron.

  31. ashbiri on

    i’m not from minnesota, i’m not even a usa citizen, but i found the argument put forward by the group in the second conference completely spineless… they’re obviously hiding behind the tattered wall of so-called ‘religion’… ignorant people…

  32. Ron Charles on

    I could not agree with you more. It is brilliant, and I wish that everyone in America could watch that section with the two good-looking dads and their two adorable sons. I have my fingers crossed that gay marriage will be passed into law in Minnesota.

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