Rancho Cucamonga Police Department – Marijuana Bust


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clevercasey asked:

The Rancho Cucamonga Police Department pull over a car for a missing license plate light and find marijuana in the car.

24 comments on “Rancho Cucamonga Police Department – Marijuana Bust


    LMAO! “Is It illegal” “Yes” “well there you go, until its legal you cant drive around with it”
    >Rancho cucamonga
    >Weed is about to bee legalized in california
    >Problem Officer?

  2. primetimewh00 on

    hahahaha dumb bitch is arguing about the legality of marijuana with a cop what an idiot. shes a fucking dumbass for letting the cops search her car with no probable cause

  3. MrApadirect on

    God forbid the godamn pigs look for child molesters and actual criminals. Aren’t we glad the fuckers serve and protect us

  4. EON352 on

    she should not have consented to the search. she had all her shit together but that. she really fucked herself over.

  5. joetown19 on

    fuck the pigs

    real tuff with pot smokers

    go after the gang thugs..

    oh thats right.. you’re too much of pussy’s to go after gang thugs

  6. pentiuman on

    The Police ASKED if they could search (because they didn’t have probable cause to do so). The owner of the car should’ve refused to give permission. The 2 passengers could’ve refused to give ID, as they were under no obligation to do so. Furthermore, after the Police searched and found the pot, the kids should’ve shut up! (right to remain silent).

  7. LusherSucks on

    @HolyWasteland ur the dumbass for not minding ur own business i was telling that kid its not up to the cops you fucking retard they dont make laws, they do their job and enforce them they dont wanna lose their career so a stupid fucker like you can say hey i like the cops now they let me smoke my bud. its the legislative branch that made pot illegal complain to them, ridicule them, dont act like a dumbass and say fuck the police b/c u knowlingly smoke bud aware that a cop has to fine or arrest

  8. HolyWasteland on

    @LusherSucks u dumbass… most people in our jails today are locked up for small nonviolent small possessions

  9. breastmilkdabestmilk on

    @guitarguybassdude all they have to do is call the k9 unit, the dog barks, there’s your consent.

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