New Zealand Suffers From a Weed Shortage

The current shortage apparently began earlier this year, with parts of the South Island and upper North Island experience the brunt of the trauma. The last time something similar happened was…


Marijuana Busts


  • Dùbhghlas MacDùbhghlas 3 years ago

    Only if legal here US could provide weed for them. The US is losing out on
    locally and globally. So much for being a capitalist economy. Safer than

    Is the consumption of cannabis higher than else were. If so stop being

  • elitemathlete 3 years ago

    Im sure there’s a bumper crop of meth.

  • Wes Anderson 3 years ago

    This is True suffering….Pure suffering….Weed gets one thru times of no
    Life, better than Life gets one thru times of NO WEED…..Does the UN

  • The Richard Fowler Show 3 years ago

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