Mum Gets Toddler Son To Smoke Marijuana Bong


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Mum Gets Toddler Son To Smoke Marijuana BongMum Gets Toddler To Smoke Bong The boy sucks briefly on the pipe as his young mother and her friends allegedly laugh and joke at the home in Washington state…

20 comments on “Mum Gets Toddler Son To Smoke Marijuana Bong

  1. cris romero on

    si a todos se nos hiciera justicia nos darían una paliza, unos hacemos unas cosas y otros otras pero a fin de cuentas nadie en esta vida es puro, así que, de que se espantan, millones de niños mueren en las guerras y nadie dice ni madres.

  2. fuzzywuzzy2622 on

    I hope she goes away for a very long time! Look at the idiots comment under mine. beer shouldn’t be given either fool!

  3. unstableordinance on

    Big deal, i was drinking beer and wine at the same age with my grandfather and nothing happened to me

    It comes from the ground for our pleasure, pure nature 🙂

  4. Crystal Reinard on

    how stupid can you be to let your baby even be around that more less this! YOU do not deserve childern i hope this child gets the good parenting an love he needs apperently since your not giveing the proper care! How shameful of a parent!

  5. wawieism on

    uhm, most kids will have a sip of beer, this is exactly the same as givingyour kid a sip of beer to try.

  6. martin smyth on

    A sip of beer wouldn’t affect the child the way Marijuana would from that one bong their is the possibility the child had “Tremors, Nausea, Headache, Breathing problems OR Reduced blood flow to the brain” for the last one am not sure if this would happen due to long term use and the effects depend on how strong it is.. I know alcohol is worse if consumed a lot as it does more damage to the body but a sip of beer wouldn’t be a big impact compared to taking Marijuana.

  7. Allison Smith on

    This is discusting behaviour!!!! You as a parent are responsible for keeping your kids out of trouble. How can you live with yourself knowing that you are probably the WORST PARENT EVER!!!!

  8. kandice mckay on

    OMG are you friggen serious? No big deal. news flash for ya. Something did happin to you if you think this is no big deal.

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