Mexican Meth Flooding Across The Border Busts Increase


Meth seizures at the U.S. border have reached new levels, according to statistics, which showed that while marijuana, cocaine and heroin seizures fell in fis…

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  1. Dana.k.a.bradpitt on

    One of the biggest issues most do not realize today is this. There are many
    people that are addicted to this drug to the point that after so many years
    of consistantly doing it , they cannot hold a job down because they cant
    stay off the drug for more than a week or so. Should they be put on
    disability or what? Treatment doesnt work on majority unless you lock them
    up and throw away the keys like some places do to their patients under
    court orders. There is alot more of that going on then what people think or

  2. Jim N. E. Cricket on

    There’s a machine, a computer, manipulating your brain, your thoughts, and
    your behaviors… and you don’t even know it! It gives you thoughts that
    you think are your own original idea so you act out it’s agenda. I call it
    Eugene, The Machine. My name is Eric Leo and I am a world-class scientist,
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  3. John Galt on

    1:32 Just exploded with laughter! Like this guy doesn’t have any friends
    that have ever done this stuff at a circuit party. LOL!

  4. chad livingstone on

    It’s can be turned from a liquid back into a solid ,that’s why the myth of
    holding a hit in your lungs is bull shit . Crystals can’t form in your
    lungs if it can dilute in h2o . As far as getting it … I, am on vancouver
    island and I can get it pretty easy , not that I do ,just sayin 🙂 

  5. Erik Braham on

    One transport method which has become very economical for smugglers is the
    use of drones. They are available everywhere from Toys R’ Us to eBay,
    costing anywhere from a few dollars to more than a thousand. It seems much
    smarter to scout out an area with a quad copter and Go Pro, than to send a
    pound of meth with a person illegally crossing on foot. 

  6. TheCaptainSlappy on

    Koopah Koppell is my lab partner when we make moonshine and skull-buster.

    So they are smuggling calculators across the border now? Wait…you said
    METH, not “MATH”…and yes, the Knights Templar, MS-13 and Sinaloa are
    big-time (I can’t remember all the names though). “Ice” is the new bathtub
    dope of choice…along with pharma-parties…

    the reason it is cheap is the zero gives-a-damn corrupt Mexican cartels
    that just so happen to also take the cheaper route, with higher sales, by
    transporting cases of ephedrine across the border (a hot commodity for

    Oh…trust me…there are “fixes” for this. I refer to the Judge Dredd
    Model, which is unpopular at the moment…but as it gets worse…it will
    become very popular.

    You cannot have half your population in a prison or jail cell because you
    are too stupid to track dope shipments, or eliminate carriers/vectors via
    object example…critical mass is reached long before then, as corporate
    functions fail due to so many agents being involved as it spreads.

    Handing out fake meth via “Mental Health” is obviously not an answer. But
    revenue generation always gets in the way of effectiveness.

    Meth causes brain-damage and muscular short-circuits similar to Tardive
    Besides the fact that you can spot a meth-zombie doing the dope-lean from
    200 yards away on anyone who has ever done it heavily.

    It destroys impulse control, and focus cohesion, extreme emotional
    dampening outside of anger. And it does one thing, and one thing fast- Fuck
    your world up. QUICK.

    Used heavily in the pimping industry, and in rings running it to control
    the crowd, and used as a manipulatory device on younger females by males.
    It, like GMO weed, is used primarily as a weapon of infiltration into law

    So far as I know, the DSM5 refers to the long-lasting effects, as usual
    behaviour modification doesn’t work on heavy users (as they are unable to
    attach mentally, since neurological patterns are permanently disrupted).

    They can function only “normally” for short periods, as drug usage
    progresses, all normal societal contact vanishes, and vectors begin to
    spread from singular users to crowds of hangers-on.

    Of them all, it is the easiest to track in the population.
    Smuggling, however, is not easily caught.

  7. butch holland on

    They used to make it from much purer ingredients. Not sure what but the
    good clean stuff was more brown in color and the high was much better and a
    lot longer, You snorted or ran it instead of smoking and would be going for
    24 plus hours on just a little bit. Addiction was bad of course but not
    what it is today with all the unknown’s put in it now.

  8. john peterson on

    Please share the Love of the Spirit of God. The Son of God will pray to the
    Father, that we may have the Spirit of The Father, for a Teacher, and
    Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26. The
    Messiah has given us John, chapters 14, 15, and 16 to Teach us how to
    become born of the Spirit of Truth Forever… Peace

  9. Richard Brighton on

    oh for a world of weed…. I have never done Meth, but I have seen effects
    of it… give me weed any day…

  10. Leo P on

    Meth, unlike marijuana, has a built-in penalty for using it. It rots you
    from the inside out. If the government doesn’t want people to use it then
    they should legalize it. Educations and rehabilitation is answer to Meth,
    nothing else. People quit smoking because of the negative health effects it
    has and the same should be true for Meth.

  11. John Stoner For Life 77 on

    Solution is to legalization of all drugs, which would minimize harmful
    effects, which there will be anyways
    . But legalization would guarantee pure ingredients, constant potency.

    Medical personnel and mental health professionals would have contact with
    users and providing, pure syringes and needles etc.
    And mental health and addiction professionals would provide support
    immediately if someone has willingness to stop using.
    because without own will no amount of forcing and prison etc won’t change
    brains of addict 

  12. Mr Feltcher on

    I have smoked meth twice in SE Asia, however I was on a lot of valium so
    the effects were dulled, luckily. I probably would have loved it seeing as
    I love MDMA, MDA etc 

  13. KyleCarrington on

    There should be a laminated weatherproof poster on every other street
    corner of a brain dead meth head complete with lovely black sores all over
    his/her face, hair falling out, rotten teeth. With that “stupider than a
    stick” look. That might make people think twice. The stuff is garbage and
    doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as marijuana.

  14. Lady Amore' on

    Stop the War on Drugs. Legalize, medicalize and decriminalize. We cannot
    afford for humanity to be further effected by this unnesscary poisoning.Ask
    yourself; What are the consquences for meth babies? maybe the Nazi’s know.
    Fetal alcohol sometimes doesn’t show up in behavior’s until a child is in
    the teen’s and they are emotionless, etc. This War is increasing the
    problem’s.It is tearing up families. What is it that people have to endure?
    Please, move towards rehab and healing. USA is the biggest consumer, if we
    didn’t have the need the supply would be worthless. It’s our usage that
    fuel’s the destruction of their country. We have a responsibility to clean
    up our act and that start’s with stopping the denial, confessing there is a
    problem etc etc.One might call it 12 steps. Intervention is needed.

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