Merced Sun-Star: Marijuana bust


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mercedsunstar asked:

A drug task force uncovered more than 20000 marijuana plants near Planada on Friday, July 20.

8 comments on “Merced Sun-Star: Marijuana bust

  1. Zipperone on

    so and what was it good that they took all the plants?! nothing!!!
    and by the way, they didn’t find marijuana or marijuana-plants like the stupid sheriff sayed, it’s hemp- or cannabis-plant, marijuana is the dried bud of a hemp-plant.

    stupid government!

  2. pumas11atlas on

    ha, first they said they found 20,000 plants, then they said 19,000 so what happened to the 1,000. Know wonder the sheriffs been so happy lately.. that and they’ve been eating more donuts than usual..hummm the munchies..anyways shout out from the PlanetX..

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