Medical Marijuana garden damage in Shasta County


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Medical Marijuana garden damage in Shasta CountyThis is a video of what some people are doing to the land under the cover of California’s Medical Marijuana (prop 215) laws. This lovely individual purchased…

2 comments on “Medical Marijuana garden damage in Shasta County

  1. Desiree Kourcklas on

    Not ALL [people are dirtballs who do this. I know someone who does everything legit and this person juices it for true medical reasons and HELPS people. Helps them unlike the very legal system your going to go to to turn in this person. One bad egg shouldnt ruin the dozen, just saying. O btw the person who grows it has helped several people with supposive terminally ill cancer. One of these persons was a three year old that they would not help because the tumor was to far gone.

  2. ShastaCountyLand on

    Note that I say “some” in the text, not all. In the video I mention there are a lot of people like the guy who did this, and that is the truth. No regard for the land or their neighbors.

    People who are supportive of the current laws should get upset about this type of abuse, and shun the people who do it. I would think the collectives that buy from someone like this should be aware of who they are buying from, and the damage being done in the name of compassion.

    Thanks for the post.

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