Luke Bryan “Buzzkill” 03/14/13 – CONAN on TBS


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Luke Bryan Luke Bryan plays a track from his album Spring Break… Here To PartyMore CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late…

48 comments on “Luke Bryan “Buzzkill” 03/14/13 – CONAN on TBS

  1. Michelle O on

    seriously, i feel like people commenting here are more CONAN fans than Luke. Like you know nothing. Shut your faces.

  2. WPowell420 on

    It’s funny that you mention performing and writing/composing music. Luke Bryan hasn’t ever written, composed, or preformed anything resembling (good) music. Generally, I am a fan of country music, but I have to draw the line somewhere. That line is performers on par with Luke Bryan and songs about farm equipment.

    You’ve resorted to personal attacks? What are you, a Democrat?

    Oh… the Civic runs 12 second 1/4 miles. #kickrockswithopentoedshoes

  3. Sean curtis on

    @WPowell420 I’m over it bro. Ill actually even apologize. Im not an internet shit talker/starter. Just disaggreed with your comment as I am a musician. To each his own man.

  4. Sean curtis on

    Have fun in that ricer. I could park on the hood far quicker than 12 1/4 sec. BTW burn those ET slips because that’s nothing to brag about lol. #waaaaahpssssssh (rice+BOV) Also Look it up man, Luky Bryan writes ALOT of his music. See (song writer’s showcase) come on bro.

  5. DrOctatonic on

    The definition of music is the combination of sounds to create expression. Whether or not you agree with the subject matter of his music, it still music. For that matter, it is the most popular contemporary form–utilizing rhythm, consonant horizontal and vertical harmony. Also, why is it that you’re calling out someone for resorting to name calling, yet you insist on doing the same?

  6. Sean curtis on

    Coming from a person who has probably NEVER performed, written a song, or composed any sort of music.. Stick with your rice rocket on that lift. You know good music? That explains why you think a fart pipe on a honda civic sounds good… #youreopinionisworthless

  7. unknowndefault on

    Pray tell what music you listen to that is so enriched with lyrical or musical content.

  8. unknowndefault on

    And what sort of music do you listen to that is so lyrically enlightening that you feel the need to condemn this song?

  9. DrOctatonic on

    Are you being intentionally obnoxious and incorrect? Your own logic contradicts you–You’re suggesting Luke Bryan would find an audience if he wasn’t a “talentless tool”, then you equate him with Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has a GIANT audience. So what is it that you’re suggesting, exactly?

  10. WPowell420 on

    If he wasn’t such a talentless tool then people would actually listen to him. He’s the equivalent of a country Justin Beiber.

  11. unknowndefault on

    He is a talentless tool that has been invited to perform on numerous media events. He probably can spell better than you – when trying to make an argument, I suggest you proofread; it’s Justin Bieber. Get it right.

  12. unknowndefault on

    What music do you listen to? What lyrics would you consider brilliant? Just out of curiosity. You are entitled to your opinion – but that is what it is: an opinion. Music preference is subjective and varies from individual to individual.

    Before you start insulting more people – other than me for having zero knowledge of music and Luke Bryan for being a terrible singer that is in turn much more successful that you in life – take some time and grow up.

  13. unknowndefault on

    I don’t think give is a quantitative measure, by any means. And if you question why he has five guitarists in the first place, then what makes you think that giving a proper, talented artist/band would make the situation better? From your perspective, you seem to argue that someone who is so talented wouldn’t need five guitarists anyway.

  14. Anastasia Lynn on

    You people with the negative comments need to watch the official Buzzkill VIDEO, listen to the WORDS and then maybe you’d actually GET the song’s message!

  15. kkrupa888837 on

    damn there are alot of hate at this. why did you watch it if you arent a fan of Luke’s? wow bored huh?

  16. qazrapt on

    Why are there give guitarists, and the music is so awful? Give a proper, talented artist/band five guitarists and the music would be amazing. God I hate country music.

  17. WPowell420 on

    First thing’s first, It’s “a lot”, two words. Second, I wouldn’t call whatever he’s performing “music”. Finally, The car has a naturally aspirated, pump-gas (93 octane), 1.8 liter engine. I do have fun with the “ricer”, as a matter of fact.

    Is this really the best you can do? If my brother was my dad, I would have a difficult time presenting an argument, too. If you want, you can get him to help you.

  18. David Sanchez on

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  19. WPowell420 on

    It’s official, you have ZERO knowledge about music. Luke Bryan is terrible, the songs he “sings” mean nothing and he can’t even keep up with the chords while performing. “You make my speakers go boom boom”, you think that’s a good line?!? Grow up.

  20. DrOctatonic on

    Zero knowledge of music because he likes an artist you don’t like? That is textbook non-sequitur. Also, “means nothing” is a straight out falsehood, as there is a meaning to the words he is singing about.

    I would suggest maturing more and formulate none-fallacious arguments before suggesting someone else do the same.

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