Kokomo marijuana bust nets 44 plants


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wish asked:

Kokomo police said they are seeing an increase in the number of marijuana drug busts this year. In 2009, there have been three major busts in the last three months.

16 comments on “Kokomo marijuana bust nets 44 plants

  1. teeznutz0 on

    they all get busted for those shit weed plants that wouldnt have been more than an eighth that she woulda traded for a chirp off the ole crack pipe

  2. Mikesjessj408 on

    U call this a bust id b ashamed to let myself get caught over weed they shd of sold crack then they get thoses two redneck ladies hooked

  3. SuicideSeattle on

    They have a prescription pill problem going on in the state with some fucked up things happening and they bust these people come on

  4. rcacad on

    its starting to get real funny here in FL.

    people are planting seeds at cops houses and then calling on them. Happened to a big shot lawyer and an old guy who is a retired juge……

    Im going to find my city manager and plant all my bag seeds all over in his bushes and flower beds.

  5. mike3HO5 on

    yooooo cops are sick with it wtf are they doing ots just a plant we all smoked at one tyme how could you not love being hungry happy sleppy

  6. frankieanddave on

    think about the kids they played right next to where the plants were growing and they could have touched it or something and got the deadly thc on them or there friends take it home to there families it might spread to the whole neighborhood. What’s that shit do any how, cuz I just inhaled some of it?

  7. kennystalford on

    Dam cops , they should be out bustin METH labs instead of wastin their time on our CANNABIS PLANTS,
    *******LEAVE US ALONE********

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