Judge Jim Gray – Judging The Drug War


Judge Jim Gray - Judging The Drug WarFrom the Tom Woods Show, former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray explains how a lifetime of experienced has turned him against th…

11 comments on “Judge Jim Gray – Judging The Drug War

  1. kmg501 on

    I can’t recommend the Tom Woods show highly enough.

    I listen to it daily through my smartphone as I drive. I use a Android
    application called Stitcher. Stitcher probably isn’t the best designed
    application but it is a good aggregation service, I download my daily shows
    via my home network wifi before I leave for work. That saves on cellular
    network bandwidth costs. Tom’s show is only about thirty minutes which
    makes it perfect for a commute.

  2. Darvinisti on

    Regulation doesnt improve the safety. What improves safety is publicity. If
    the drugs would be sold openly then the dealers would have a clearer
    reputation. The drugs could and would be tested and so the information
    would be available for the buyer about who sells pure and who doesnt. There
    is no testing when drugs are illegal and the reputation of the dealers is
    limited because people are afraid to talk openly and old dealers get busted
    so buyers have to take risks with new ones.

    This simple country judge doesnt understand that the government is the
    problem. Coercion is the problem. He sees the prohibition problems because
    of his job but he doesnt see the regulation problems. Some other judge sees
    them in pharma. He doesnt get the big picture. The principle of why freedom
    works. He wants to go straight from banning testing to forcing testing. 

  3. John Barleycorn on

    Time for a change in thinking. We are in debt to the tune of almost 18
    trillion dollars. Should we be using resources prosecuting potheads.

  4. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa on

    We need more judges that “know” this for a fact that the drug war is
    destructive not only to user, but to neighborhoods, cities and towns. The
    big banks are involved neck deep in laundering and nothing happens even
    when government has busted them. The prison industrial complex is ripe for
    investment based on the drug war bust of low lever users. The law is
    criminal, not the use.

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