Jamie N. Commons “Rumble and Sway” 03/07/13 – CONAN on TBS


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Jamie N. Commons Jamie N. Commons plays the title track from his album Rumble and Sway.More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of lat…

47 comments on “Jamie N. Commons “Rumble and Sway” 03/07/13 – CONAN on TBS

  1. RetardF1eldy on

    Haha that voice doesnt belong to a 22 year old, still its so fucking amazing, go Jamie hope you really make it big your songs are awesome.!

  2. Ootini4 on

    Dude that was cool! But did anyone else notice the terrible tone of the second guitar player (doing most of the playing) the solo’s sounded fine, but during the choruses he completely dropped out to this super flat and tinny sound. I thought maybe it was mixing, but when you could hear it, it was some poop haha. Anyone else agree?

  3. Hannesexy on

    Yeah but what is singer if he ain’t got no mysticism surrounding him. That hat is charisma.

  4. TheBigFuckinLebowski on

    I’m enclined to agree with you. You can have a cheaper version of this guitar (still by Gretsch but made in Korea instead of the USA) for $600 to $800.

  5. cashlessbread on

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  6. AssassinNasa16 on

    He’s rumoured to be working with Eminem on a single. Interested to see what they’d cook up!

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